Workout Routines

The phys-ed workout

Looking for a new way to melt fat, burn calories and get stronger? Kick it old-school'literally' and add some classic...

The ultimate outdoor workout

Don't waste your summer in the gym! This 30-minute outdoor workout will help you get fit while enjoying the warmer...

The ultimate at-home boot camp

Our interval training boot camp burns as many calories as possible in the shortest amount of time

The TV workout

Forget the gym'slip in a workout during your favourite half-hour TV show. Here's how

Best Health DIY workout program

Need inspiration for body-sculpting at home or at the gym? Pick and choose from our selection of exercises for your...

Summer-fit plan

Have fun this summer while getting fit and toning up with our innovative plan

20-minute toning workout

Do this strength-training regimen twice a week or more to see results in as little as four weeks