Dynamic Side Lunge

Make sure you stretch before and after any activity to help prevent injury

Reclining Pigeon Pose

This stretch helps ease tight hips by lengthening the IT band

Seated spinal twist

Improve mobility and posture through your lower back with this spinal stretch

Dynamic Low Lunge

This low lunge helps to loosen tight hip flexors

Sumo squat

This is a great stretch for runners because it helps prevent tight muscles

Shoulder sweeps

A shoulder injury can be debilitating. Prevent injury with this stretch

Gaga groin stretch

Doing this groin stretch will help improve muscle function

Wall slide

Many people have a tight chest and shoulders. This stretch helps to ease those muscle groups

Hamstring stretch

This Olympic athlete recommends you always do a hamstring stretch after any exercise

Glutes stretch

It's important to stretch out your glutes after every workout. This will help to increase flexibility and prevent pain

Seated forward bend

Do this stretch after every workout to improve flexibility and prevent injury

Pigeon pose

This yoga stretch helps ease tight hips

Spinal Trunk Rotation

This twist is great for relieving back tension and increasing flexibility

Prayer stretch

Increase flexibility and circulation to your wrists with this stretch

Spine stretch

Relieve tension in the hips and shoulders with this stretch that improves alignment

Wall squat

Squats are great for improve balance and flexibility. Doing this stretch against a wall will help ensure proper form

Hamstring stretch with chair

This stretch is great to do after a brisk walk or run

Chest stretch

Chest muscles can become tight from strength training. Give your shoulders better flexibility with this chest stretch

Mermaid Stretch

Lengthen tight muscles with this mystical-sounding stretch

Front thigh stretch

Prevent injuries by stretching even after a light walk

Squat stretch

Ease back pain and ensure your spine stays healthy by regularly stretching it

Lunge quad stretch

Do this stretch to keep your lower body limber

Low-back rotation stretch

Do this stretch to relieve tension and stiffness'especially if you sit all day

Seated glute stretch

Improve flexibility and prevent injuries by regularly stretching the gluteus maximus

Supine cross-leg spinal twist

This stretch benefits both your spine and abdominals'great after a long day at the office

‘Spiderman’ lunges

Improve your flexibility by doing this stretch before and after exercise

Wrist flexor stretch

Overuse injuries of the wrist are common, but you can keep your wrists healthy with this simple stretch