This Scientific Breakthrough Can Help You Prevent Dementia

Air pollution may be more dangerous than we thought.

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Over-the-counter drugs and supplements can complement each other, or go a bad way. Here are some tips on how to...

A Natural Oil Remedy to Reduce Inflammation

The health benefits of evening primrose oil are tremendous because of its ability to treat and prevent inflammation related to...

Curb Drinking with Kudzu: The Plant That May Reduce Alcohol Cravings

Kudzu is a natural remedy that is said to reduce alcohol cravings and help with problem drinking; does it work?

Ginkgo Biloba: The Natural Treatment That Helps Reverse Dementia

Ginkgo biloba is one of the world's most popular herbal medicines and is used as a natural treatment to protect...

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Does your posture look like this? How to stand up straight

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An app designed to help you deal with the back and neck pain that’s associated with technology may seem counterintuitive

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Here's an update on what you can do to prevent this 'silent killer'

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With back pain, simple tasks can become impossible or, at least, aggravatingly painful. To ease, prevent, and relieve back pain,...

The worst places for germs

Stay healthy by protecting yourself from illness-causing germs and viruses

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Calcium is an essential nutrient to help protect against osteoporosis. Here's how to ensure you're getting enough

Blood test could save lives after surgery

Potentially life-threatening complications are always a possibility when having surgery. Now, a new test could improve post-operative care

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Your muscle can start to deteriorate as young as 25, putting you at risk of injury and more. Here are...

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Vaccinations aren't just for kids. Sometimes adults need to boost their immunity too. Here's the grown-up scoop for preventative vaccination...

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The 5 worst habits from your youth

We all did questionable stuff when we were younger. Find out how bad habits from your youth may affect your...

The courage of Chris and Tanya

Dad was in for a heart transplant while Mom was in the same hospital giving birth to twins'who were born...

News: What’s the No. 1 killer in Canada?

It’s official. Cancer is now the leading killer in Canada. StatsCan just announced the results of a 2008 study, which

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Early detection of oral cancer is vital. Here's how you to know whether you're at risk, plus what you can...

What to expect at an oral cancer screening

Here's what to expect at your next dental appointment. Plus, tips for performing an oral cancer self-check

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Here are seven ways you can support breast cancer awareness this October

How lifestyle can affect your risk for breast cancer

Even if you have unavoidable risk factors for breast cancer, healthy lifestyle habits can improve the odds

Are chemicals preventing you from losing weight?

There's good reason to believe that early exposure to "obesogens"'chemicals that can affect our fat cells'set some people up for...

Are you using the right sunscreen?

Sunscreen labels can be complicated. Here's how to know if you're getting enough sun protection