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Here, four arguments in favour of the four-day week, from a boss who’s all for it.

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What Is Impact Investing, and Is It Right for Me?

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I Tried the Upright Posture Trainer—Here’s What Happened

Can the Upright device help me adopt a statuesque stance, or does it have limitations? An expert shares her thoughts.

“All I Think About With That Dish Is My Mum.”

In this excerpt from My Ackee Tree, author and chef Suzanne Barr shares her memories of cooking with her family...

Are High-Tech At-Home Composters Actually Beneficial?

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11 Important Single-Use Plastic Swaps to Make Now

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How to Start a Vegetable Garden, No Matter the Size of Your Home

You don’t need acres of land to start growing food.

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30 Things You Should Clean in the Next 30 Days

It's time to do a deep dive and clean your home.

How You Can Send Help to Ukraine Right Now

Consider donating to these registered Canadian charities offering direct support to Ukrainian residents and refugees.

This Canadian Soap Brand Is Rooted in Korean Bathhouse Culture

Karen Kim, founder of Binu Binu Soap House, on the inspiration behind the fashion-forward evolution of an ancient practice.

Your Phone Might Be Hurting Your Hand

Texting thumb? Hand pain? Experts are seeing a rise of injuries linked to our obsession with our phones.

35 Items That’ll Help You Find Your Zen

From bath bombs to CBD products, these finds will help you unwind and relax at home.

Make the Most of Your Time Indoors with These Craft Kits for Adults

Crafting may seem like trivial, but it turns out that activities like knitting and pottery have beautiful mental health benefits.

Discover a Meaningful Way to Cheer On Team Canada

For the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, become a “Champion of Cheer” from home.

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Meet Best Health’s 2021 Health Heroes

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This is how to set financial intentions so you can reach your goals in a healthy way.

Our 2021 Holiday Picks: Find the Perfect Gift For Everyone on Your List

Check every name off your list with the help of our six gift guides featuring a total of 97 feel-good...

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16 Home Gifts for the Humble Host or Foodie Friend

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15 Signs That Your Relationship Could Turn Abusive

Pay close attention to these warning signs of a potentially abusive relationship.

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19 Wonderful Gifts to Give to Yourself Because You Deserve It

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