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Editor’s book and DVD picks: September 2009

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4 ways to cool your home

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What did you do yesterday?

While this may read like an elementary school essay, it’s more about how I used Canada Day to focus on

Mother’s Day gift ideas

Searching for the perfect present for Mom this May? Try one of these Mother's Day gift ideas

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Wool: New and improved

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A new kind of hockey mom

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Living walls to clean your home’s air

Build a green oasis in your home with a living wall, a vertical garden made of plants

Best Health holiday gift guide

Looking for gift ideas this holiday season? Our editors' picks have something for everyone

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Certified asthma- and allergy-friendly bedding

If you or your family members suffer from allergies or asthma, you’re familiar with the challenge of making your house

Don’t be the noisy neighbour

Four ways to avoid the wrath of your neighbours

Putting it all on the line

Discover the eco and health benefits of hanging laundry out to dry

Creating a low-allergen garden

Our homes and garden are our last refuge from the stresses of the world, but they are not always safe...

Eco-chic paint

Today's wall coatings offer style with fewer harmful emissions

Toxic truths

The latest research on hazardous chemicals in ordinary products