Moving your body will help you feel good not only physically, but mentally too. Learn about the latest fitness news and tricks, and get inspired to try a new activity like pickleball, surfing or skateboarding.

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The cross-lateral movements in Pilates require mindfulness, making them good for the brain.

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Here's how to determine which Nordic skiing style is right for you, how to warm up and cool down, and...

The Many Health Benefits of Nordic Skiing

Nordic skiing (a.k.a. cross-country skiing) is not only a great workout—it’s also accessible, social and easy to learn, no matter...

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Bite-sized health changes, from 1-minute bouts of exercise to 5-minute meditation microbreaks, can have a big impact on your fitness,...

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It's important, especially as we age, to work on our balancing skills. Here's how to get started

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