47 Wellness Gifts for Everyone in Your Life

Stumped on how to spoil the ones you love? Shop this selection of feel-good items that’ll make their life a little happier, healthier and easier.  

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wellness gifts | Knix Catalyst Front Zip Bra

Knix’s Essential Sports Bra

Sporty loved ones shouldn’t have to start their workout by wrestling on their sports bra. The Catalyst Bra from Canadian company Knix zips in the front (making it easy to get on), has built-in moulded cups (giving maximum support) and has an adjustable band and back cross straps (to perfectly suit their body). What more could you ask of a bra?   

$98, knix.ca

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wellness gifts | Ernestine Chocolates

Ernestine’s Box of Chocolates

Chocolate has the power to perk up anyone’s day. Handmade on-site at a boutique in Montreal, these painterly picks are not only gorgeously unique to look at but also deliciously inventive to taste. Think passionfruit, PB&J, mango, and more. Whose day will you make?

From $14, ernestine.ca

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wellness gifts | Bearaby Cuddle Pillow

Bearaby’s Cuddler

Whether they like being the big spoon or the little spoon, your loved one will swoon over this ergonomic body pillow that molds to their shape to help soothe tension and get a better night’s sleep. What’s more? It’s crafted with sustainable elements so they can rest easy on the eco front, too.

$269, bearaby.ca

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wellness gifts | Liovom Candlestick

Livøm’s Ceramic Candlestick

A Canadian company born out of the pandemic with a desire to bring natural comfort home, Livøm’s lovely housewares have Scandi silhouettes with an organic finish. Picture It: Burning a candle in this simply chic ceramic holder on a cold winter day, while cozying up with a good book and fuzzy blanket. Hygge ho! 

$18, livom.ca

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wellness gifts | Recess Pickle Ball Paddle

Recess’s Pickleball Set

Pickleball, but make it fashion. Get them into the fastest-growing game in North America with a chic pickleball set crafted with quality and artistry in mind. It features a durable fibreglass surface, strong honeycomb interior and a faux-leather sweat-proof grip. Plus, it comes in a range of style-forward designs. A total score.  

$116, freepeople.com

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wellness gifts | Selv Rituel Salts

Selv Rituel’s Bath Soaks

This dreamy, all-natural soak brings a better, more relaxing, ritual to bath time. It’s packed with Himalayan salt (which reduces inflammation), bath and body oils (which moisturize skin), a floating candle (which adds ambiance), and Palo Santo and dried fruit and flowers (which offer a soothing aroma and a sight for sore eyes).

$38, selvrituel.com

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wellness gifts | Seedlip Garden

Seedlip’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Dry January won’t know what hit it. Whether taking on the challenge or simply cutting back on their weekly cocktail intake, anyone with healthy New Year resolutions will appreciate Seedlip’s bespoke and sophisticated mocktail mixes. So, go ahead and enjoy every “cheers!”…without the hangover. 

$45, seedlipdrinks.com

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Lululemon Align Leggings

 Lululemon’s Align High-Rise Legging

The right go-to legging gives you the power to go to the gym, even when you’re far from motivated. This buttery-soft and high-waisted pair from the experts at Lululemon has a hidden pocket and comes in 20 colourways, so your loved one can feel marvellously comfy and well-matched at the next sweat sesh they get themselves to.  

$98, lululemon.com

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Bh Gg Fitbit 1000x750

Fitbit’s Versa 4 Smartwatch

Here’s a gift that’s truly motivating! With 40 exercise modes, they can track all their activity and analyze their sleep and heart rate to let them know if their body needs to recover or is ready for a workout.

$299.99, thesource.ca

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wellness gifts | Mildreds Pancake Kit

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen Pancake Set

Most Torontonians know: Mildred’s Temple Kitchen is the place for pancakes—but you don’t have to go to the restaurant to flip out over their flapjacks. Order this beautifully packaged pancake set, which comes with a signature dry mix, syrup and wild blueberry compote, and give the gift of decadence to the foodie in your friend group.

$41, mildreds.ca

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wellness gifts | Nest Designs Sweatshirt

 Nest Designs’ Organic Terry Hoodie

WFH uniform? Movie marathon? Sunday best? Whatever the occasion, this super-soft and cozy cotton hoodie will be a total wardrobe win.  

$87, nestdesigns.com

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wellness gifts | Guests On Earth Gift

Guests on Earth’s All-Purpose Cleaner Kit

All the aspiring eco-warriors on your list will appreciate this all-purpose cleaning kit. It comes with a reusable aluminum spray bottle, two reusable cloths and two vials of cleaning solution made from nine naturally-derived ingredients. Just mix one vial and 450 mL of water in the reusable spray bottle, shake it, spritz it, and wipe surfaces clean.

$45, guestsonearth.com

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wellness gifts | Chronicle Chess Set

Chronicle Books’ Say Yes to Chess Game Set

Help them show off their smarts at home and abroad with this travel chess set. It’s petite and packable (yes, it’ll fit in their carry-on) and the pieces are all pegged (so you won’t lose your turns in turbulence). It even comes with a handy gamebook to help anyone yet to learn. 

$36, amazon.ca

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wellness gifts | Blume Chai Blend

Blume’s Oat Milk Chai Blend

Spiced comfort in a cup: This decaf chai blend may be dairy-free, caffeine-free, sugar-free, and syrup-free, but it’s not free of bold flavour. Its key ingredients are sourced from organic farms in India, and it tastes equally scrumptious hot or cold.

$25, itsblume.com

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wellness gifts | Zwilling Coffee Maker

Zwilling’s Energy-Efficient Coffee Maker

Help them curb their morning coffee runs with a sleek energy-efficient coffee maker that grinds up their beans of choice and brews barista-worthy drip at the press of a button. Bonus: It comes with a milk frother, so they can cap off their cuppa with creamy microbubble foam.   

$310, zwilling.com

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wellness gifts | Tomboyx Gender Neutral Undies

Tomboy X’s Gender-Neutral Undies

These gender-neutral undies come in a range of funky patterns and styles (bikini briefs, briefs, boy shorts, trunks and boxer-briefs) so they can be cheeky while wearing whatever style suits them. 

From $28, tomboyx.com

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wellness gifts | Forsstudio Tea Set

Førs Studio’s Small Tea Set

Encourage loved ones to take a break from the go-go-go and take a minute to enjoy a cup of tea with this charming little set. It happens to be totally practical—it’s made of new bone china that’s hand-glazed, chip-resistant and dishwasher-, freezer-, oven- and microwave-safe. 

$115, forsstudio.com

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R Yolo Yoga Mat

R-Yolo’s Yoga Mat

For the yoga buff in your life, this machine-washable mat changes everything. Like most of its competitors, it’s lightweight and non-slip, but it goes the extra mile in its sophisticated style, sustainable material and more sanitary care instructions.  

$190, r-yolo.com

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wellness gifts | Get Somedays Flaxseed Heat Pad

Somedays’ Flaxseed Heat Pad

When period cramps have them craving heat and comfort, they’ll be glad to have this weighted flaxseed and chamomile heating pad that heats (and reheats!) in just a few microwave minutes. Even better? You can have a personalized message custom-embroidered on the handmade cover to make them smile, despite the aches.  

$65, getsomedays.com

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wellness gifts | Cup Of Te Peppermint Tea

Cup of Té’s Peppermint Devotion

After a devastating accident that bound her to a wheelchair and curbed her Olympic gymnast dreams, Taylor Lindsay-Noel devoted the next phase of her life to bringing the best loose-leaf teas to Ontarians and beyond. Her teas have been counted among Oprah’s Favourite Things and will definitely become a fave of your loved one, too. 

From $15, cupofte.ca

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wellness gifts | Lovehoney Lipstick Vibrator

Lovehoney’s Bullet Vibrator

Everyone needs a bestselling bullet in their back pocket (or at least bedside table). This lipstick-sized vibrator will spice things up in the bedroom, whether or not the recipient is solo or coupled up. (Tip: Just make sure they’re comfortable with who they open it in front of.) 

$60, lovehoney.ca

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wellness gifts | North Face Slippers

 The North Face’s Metallic Mule Slippers

Go for the cozy comfort gold with these limited-edition slippers stuffed with super-warm 550-fill virgin down. They’re the ultimate cold-weather slippers: They’re easy to slide on and off, can be worn as a mule or a shoe, and are part of a quintessential winter cottage and ski chalet wardrobe.     

$115, thenorthface.com

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Bh Gg Galaxy Flip 1000x750

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4

Get the most out of your Galaxy Z Flip4—the compact clamshell design makes it the ideal pocket-sized workout partner that helps you reach new personal bests this season. Partially fold and prop the device to follow along with your favorite fitness tutorials, hands-free thanks to Flex Mode.

$1,079.99, samsung.com

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wellness gifts | Nordstrom Sweet Tooth Puzzle

Sweet Tooth’s 1000-Piece Puzzle

One good thing that came out of the quarantine is our enduring love of puzzles, a mindfulness practice that improves spatial reasoning and cognition, not to mention reduces stress. Indeed, puzzles aren’t just for kids anymore— even when they picture pieces of candy! 

$49, nordstrom.ca

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wellness gifts | Away 90s Tags

Away’s Luggage Tag Charms

With airports lost luggage lines getting longer and longer, your loved one will like having something extra cool to identify theirs. This 90s Pop Bundle, crafted with vegan leather, is giving us total No Doubt vibes and is perfect for the reformed 90s punk (or punk at heart) in your life.   

$30, awaytravel.com 

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wellness gifts | Decathlon Ski Goggles

 Decathlon’s Ski & Snowboard Goggles

We love these monochrome ski and snowboard goggles for their super-sleek style—but the snow bunny in your life will appreciate that they’re 100 percent anti-UV and feature a powerful anti-fog-treated dual lens and ventilated frame for prime visibility. 

 $35, decathlon.ca

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wellness gifts | Smartwool Thermal Base Layer

 Smartwool’s Thermal Base Layer

Sure, this winter wardrobe staple is super-cute in a spectrum of jewel tones and comes in plus sizes, too, but it’s also super functional. The thermal layer is made out of merino wool in an interlocking knit that delivers stretchy comfort and enhanced breathability for odour resistance. And yes, it is machine washable.  

$140, smartwool.ca

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wellness gifts | Amazon Mindfulness Cards

You Got This Mindfulness Cards

“Attract what you want by being who you want.” Truth. With an inspiring quote on each of these 100 cards, your loved one will start each day with empowering words like these. They can pin their faves to their vision board, glue them into their mindfulness journal or even pay it forward and share them with a friend. 

$16, amazon.ca

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wellness gifts | Good For Sunday Linen Lounge Pants

Good for Sunday’s Lounge Pants

Designed, cut, and sewn in Toronto, these wide-leg cotton lounge pants bring stylish comfort to the Six and beyond. We recommend the matching button-down shirt, too.  

$98, goodforsunday.com

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wellness gifts | Rv Bk Carley Fortune 0514

Carley Fortune’s Every Summer After

In her debut novel, Every Summer After, Canadian journalist Carley Fortune tells a coming-of-age romance that spans six halcyon summers, plus one in the present, and asks: Is their enduring love bigger than her biggest mistakes?

$25, chapters.indigo.ca

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wellness gifts | Reformation Cashmere Sweater

 Reformation’s Cashmere Sweater

All of the luxurious softness of classic cashmere with just a fraction of the carbon footprint: This chic sustainable sweater, which comes in an array of sweet colourways, is made from 90 percent recycled cashmere—and ships to Canada for free.

$225, reformation.com

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wellness gifts | Dynasty Plant Shop Rubber Plant Tineke

Dynasty’s Rubber Plant

Pretty in pink, light green and white, this plant is worth much more than its looks. The Rubber Plant (a.k.a. Ficus Elastica Tineke) is a known air purifier for the home, and its hardy to boot! Just set it in front of a well-lit window and water moderately. Even the “black thumbs” on your list could keep it alive.

$82, dynastyplantshop.com

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wellness gifts | Amazon Foam Roller Bottle

Mobot’s Foam Roller Water Bottle

Give them one less thing to haul to their workout. With this two-in-one on-hand, your loved one can stay hydrated throughout their HIIT class and roll out those would-be stiff muscles right after.

From $68, amazon.ca

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wellness gifts | Lulu Mat

Lululemon’s Workout Mat

A heavy-duty mat that stands up to hard HIIT workouts? Heck, yes! This 6-milimitre-thick mat offers extra cushioning to reduce the impact on their joints as they power through push-ups, burpees and more.

$108, lululemon.com

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wellness gifts | Amazon Five Minute Journal

 The Five-Minute Journal

Here’s the gift for the one who recognizes (or could use a little nudge to recognize) that journalling has been scientifically proven to boost health and well-being. The Five-Minute Journal requires just that—five minutes a day—of reflection to reap the positive benefits. The book is certainly not new, but its thousands of 5-star reviews prove it’ll make a much-loved gift.  

From $38, amazon.ca

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wellness gifts | Goodee Blanket

Ezcaray’s Matisse Throw

Add a little more colour to their cozy with this mohair-wool throw, striped with bold saturated colours. Hand-washed, hand-woven and hand-dyed by a renowned family-owned Spanish textile house, this heirloom-quality piece is something they’ll keep—and pass on—for years to come.

$325, goodeeworld.com

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wellness gifts | Roots Chunky Socks

Roots’ Chunky Socks

Soft on the outside and even softer on the inside, these sherpa-lined slipper-socks will be their new reading socks, talking on-the-phone socks, drinking chai socks—and just about any other cozy winter activity they can imagine socks. 

$34, roots.com

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wellness gifts | Amazon Temperature Control Mug

 New Ember’s Temperature-Control Smart Mug

Give the gift of hot coffee, whenever and wherever, with a smart mug that can keep their cuppa toasty all day long. With app-control and auto-sleep, this is a total game changer. If they make a coffee, then get called into a meeting, get distracted by kid duties or just simply forget, their warm coffee will be waiting.    

From $179, amazon.ca

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wellness gifts | Berkey

The Berkey Travel Filter

For the one who prefers filtered water but is tired of constantly refilling their pitcher-size version, this stainless steel pick is for them. Sitting on top of the counter (or any surface near you), it requires little space, no power and minimal filter replacements to remove not only PFAs but also 200 plus other contaminants in a natural purifying process. Now, that’s refreshing!   

$438, berkeyfilters.com

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wellness gifts | Mec Recycled Duffle

 MEC’s Recycled Duffle Bag

This duffle has been a MEC mainstay since the early 90s, and it’s easy to see why: it’s cute (classic silhouette), versatile (compacts into a tiny little pouch and then expands to pack in an enormous amount of this and that) and sustainable (it’s made with recycled content).

From $70, mec.ca

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wellness gifts | Hydragun Massager

Hydragun’s Atom Massage Gun

There’s big power in this small massager, which attacks tension, muscle stiffness and chronic aches and pains with the muster of a real masseur. Even better? At 1.2 pounds and with a 4.7-inch footprint, this portable puppy is perfect for avid travellers.

$269, hydragun.ca

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wellness gifts | On Running Waterproof Shoes

On’s Cloudwander Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Help your loved one forget their cold-weather woes with waterproof shoes that’ll keep them moving throughout the wettest—and worst!—winter months. Lightweight yet well-structured (and not to mention cute-to-boot), these multifunctional marvels will encourage them to step outside and hit the trails. And that’s the best gift you could give.  

$300, on-running.com

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wellness gifts | Apple Airtag

Apple’s Airtags

For losers (of items) in your life, the Apple Airtags are an a-one gift to help them keep their most important items at hand. Phone? Keys? Wallet? Tag ‘em all.  

From $39, apple.com

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wellness gifts | V De V Glasses

V de V’s Mid-Century-Style Glasses

We love these everyday drinking glasses for their chic assorted jewel tones, angled base and simple silhouette. But the Man Men enthusiast in your life will love them because they look like they could be plucked straight from Betty’s kitchen. 

$22, vdevmaison.com

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wellness gifts | Friends Draw It Game

Friends Draw-It Game

Make their day—or week with this Friends-themed Draw-It Game, which is like Pictionary for the gang’s greatest fans. Make this Christmas The One Where You Give Them the Best Gift Ever. (Real Friends fans’ll get it.)

$13, indigo.ca

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wellness gifts | Dyson Airwrap

Dyson’s Airwrap Complete Long Styler

This one may be pricy, but it’s a total game-changer. Dyson’s beauty-award winning 11-piece styler set does it all—smooths, straightens, curls and waves hair. It’s engineered with a motor so powerful your hair dries faster and curls better, all while protecting strands from high heat. Great hair for the new year? Yes, please!  

$600, dyson.com 

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wellness gifts | Indigo Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur’s Healing Through Words

New York Times Bestselling Author and performer Rupi Kaur is known for her simple poetry that sees through the millennial soul and seems to pluck at the heartstrings of anyone who reads it. With her latest book, she challenges her readers to pick up their own pen and write through guided exercises that explore loss, trauma, heartache and more. 

$30, indigo.ca

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