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The best running gear for fall

Stay on track with your running goals by rewarding yourself with stylish accessories perfect for autumn runs

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Running in style

Running is a budget-friendly activity-really, any pair of shorts and T-shirt will do-but that doesn’t mean you can’t reward your hard work with cute and functional workout gear. (Dare we suggest: Reach your monthly kilometre goal, win a bonus shopping trip?) Refresh the lineup in your drawer with these top picks for clothing and accessories that will make your autumn runs a breeze.

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1. Nike Victory Adjust X sports bra

1. Nike Victory Adjust X sports bra

Aside from shoes, your sports bra is the one thing you shouldn’t be too thrifty on-believe us, you’ll regret it later, even if it’s years down the road. Running is high-impact (aka high bounce) and a well-fitted quality bra will keep your breasts secure and supported.

Sized for different cups (not just small, medium and large here), this bra’s shoulder straps and chest band are both adjustable, and it comes either in a U-back or racerback style-both designed to wick moisture and let the skin breathe as much as possible.

Nike Victory Adjust X sports bra, $60, at select sporting goods retailers

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2. MEC Frigorific Headband

2. MEC Frigorific Headband

Perfect for early-morning fall runs (and warmer winter days) when a hat would be too much, this headband covers your ears to keep them warm while leaving your head uncovered to prevent overheating.

$11, at MEC stores and

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3. Brooks Essential Run 1/2 Zip pullover

3. Brooks Essential Run 1/2 Zip pullover

It’s not easy to manage body temperature in in-between weather. This long-sleeved top covers your skin when it’s chilly but the zip opening at the neck allows you to vent heat once you’ve warmed up. Bonus: a zip pocket for gels, keys or ID, and reflective markings front and back for darker mornings and evenings.

Brooks Essential Run 1/2 Zip pullover, $60, at Running Room and other select retailers

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4. Adidas Supernova 3/4 Tight

4. Adidas Supernova 3/4 Tight

Be like Baby Bear’s porridge-not too hot, not too cold-with tights that cover the knees and upper legs but leave the calves bare. This model by Adidas is in always-flattering black with textured stripe detailing for contrast. An inner protected pocket holds valuables; an outer zip pocket adds extra storage space.

Adidas Supernova 3/4 Tight, $55, at and other select retailers

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5. H20 Helium 2-Bottle hydration belt

5. H20 Helium 2-Bottle hydration belt

Heading on longer and longer runs? At a certain point, you’re going to need to pack water with you. A belt around your hips is more balanced than a water bottle in your hand, and an extra pouch has room for gels or other necessities.

$40, at select retailers and

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6. Lululemon Running Key Cuff

6. Lululemon Running Key Cuff

Running sans pockets? Add this key cuff to your outfit to hold keys, cash, credit card or gels securely at your wrist. The reflective strip gives the cuff extra points for safety.

$10, Lululemon stores and

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7. Chariot Carrier Cheetah

7. Chariot Carrier Cheetah

Bring the kids along to make scheduling runs easier-and for a harder workout, too. Part of the cross-country series, the Cheetah includes a padded seat, tinted side windows and weather cover for protection. A large rear pocket holds gear and snacks.

From $450 plus $95 for the jogging kit; find retailers at

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