7 Hot New Running Shoes (Plus Tips for Finding Your Perfect Fit!)

We’re making things nice and simple with this handy running shoe shopping guide.

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Running Shoe Tips
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Find your perfect fit with these running shoe tips

Shopping for the perfect running shoe isn’t easy, which is why we went straight to Dr. Nekessa Remy, an award-winning chiropractor who runs a practice at Integra Health Centre, for the lowdown. As one of Canada’s most sought-after health and wellness experts in the industry, Remy shares her top running shoe tips to help you find your match made in heaven.

The biggest mistake people make when buying running shoes

Fashion should never dictate your purchase — ever! “Before you purchase a pair of running shoes, consider what activities you will be doing in the shoes,” says Remy. “Will you be running? If so, indoors or outdoors? Will you be doing more strength and weight training? Or will be you be playing specific sports like basketball or squash? Each of those activities involves different movement patterns and thus requires different footwear.”

How your heel should fit

Begin by standing and bending downwards, placing your index finger in the back of your shoe behind your heel. “If your index finger doesn’t fit, the shoe is too tight around the heel,” she says. “If your index finger is able to move around too easily, then you do not have enough support around the heel. There should be enough room for your finger to fit but not enough for your finger to move around in circles.”

Know your arch beforehand

If you’re unsure, she suggests trying the wet test. “To do this test, wet your foot, step on a piece of brown paper and trace your footprint,” she says. “If your footprint shows the entire sole of your foot with little to no curve on the inside, or if your shoes show the most wear on the inside edge, it means you’ve got low arches or flat feet and tend toward overpronation (your feet roll inward). An overpronation can create extra wear on the outside heel and inside of your forefoot, so you’ll want a shoe with a motion-control feature and maximum support.”

And if your footprint only shows a portion of your forefoot and heel, “you have high arches and tend to underpronate (also called supinate), meaning your feet roll outward,” she says. “Under pronation causes wear on the outer edge of the heel and the little toe.” She insists to look for a cushioned running shoe with a soft midsole.

As for a neutral or medium arch. If your footprint has a distinct curve along the inside and your shoes wear out uniformly, “look for a ‘stability’ shoe for the right mix of cushioning and support.”

How your instep should feel

“If you follow the tips above for finding the right arch support, your instep should feel supported and stable during your activity,” she says. But if you’re looking for a little more confidence in your step, “there are a variety of shoe-tying techniques that can be used to ensure a good fit. RunRepeat.com offers 12 easy to follow lacing techniques that can be used for running shoes.”

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Running Shoe Tips, Nike
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Give your run some cushion

Who doesn’t want a shoe with mega cushioning, good energy return and a lightweight feel? Made with Nike React technology, this shoe takes foam footwear to the next level for an exceptional running experience. With both everyday and elite runners approving of Nike’s newest technology, you can be sure to have an epic run, time and time again.

Nike Epic React Flyknit, $200 at nike.com.

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Running Shoe Tips, Adidas
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Give your run a boost

Push your boundaries and create the ultimate running experience in these low-profile kicks. This running shoe features a PrimeKnit fabric to reduce stretch and provide extra support, a 3D sculpted heel counter to increase free movement of your Achilles tendon to promote stability, as well as an adaptive arch design that moulds to the shape of your foot. With these babies, you’ll be chasing after your personal best in no time.

Adidas Ultraboost X, $240 at adidas.ca.

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Running Shoe Tips, Under Armour
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Give your run a zero gravity feel

Under Armour’s HOVR technology promises to lift you up! While the midsole is made up of a foam compound to eliminate impact and ensure comfort in every step, it’s really the compression mesh fabric that helps deliver a strong energy return. This combo allows you to maintain your stamina for an overall better run.

And if you’re a lover of white and gold, this running shoe is footwear perfection.

Under Armour HOVR Sonic, $120 at underarmour.com.

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Running Shoe Tips, Asics
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Give your run style

Adding cushion to each and every step, this shoe’s midsole contains a HyperGEL technology that helps to reduce impact and conserve energy. Although this style introduces a high-tech, futuristic look, it’s actually made for a generally active lifestyle. So whether you’re conquering a run at the gym or performing on stage, all you have to do is pull the front tab, slip them on and you’re good to go!

Asics Hypergel-Kenzen, $160 at footlocker.ca.

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Running Shoe Tips, Reebok
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Give your run traction

As the newest addition to the Reebok family, these runners were made to feel like a comforting hug. With breathable UltraKnit fabric, responsive FloatRide Foam and a 3D molded heel for a superior feel, these shoes will definitely help you go the distance.

Reebok Floatride (launches April 1st), $180 at reebok.ca. 

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Running Shoe Tips, New Balance
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Give your run a more natural feel

This running shoe takes on its first-ever laser engraved Fresh Foam midsole to provide you with ultimate comfort and a second skin fabric that adapts to your foot for a more natural feel. Not only can you slip these shoes on and off with ease, but their stretch collars gives you snug sock-like vibes that make running hard to resist.

New Balance Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin, $140 at newbalance.ca.

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Running Shoe Tips, Saucony
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Give your run energy

From your first step to your last, this running shoe offers continuous cushioning with its full-length EVERUN midsole with energy return and responsiveness like never before. Plus, its cotton-candy colouring is easy on the eyes!

Saucony Freedom Iso, $200 at saucony.ca

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