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20 Reusable Versions of Things You Use Every Day

Every day can be Earth Day when you switch your typically disposable products out for reusable versions.

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hydroflask waterbottlevia

Switch out your water bottle

You probably already understand how bad single-use water bottles are for the environment, but if you’re refilling them thinking you’re helping, guess again. Instead, opt for a stainless steel version like this one by Hydro Flask. Read on to learn how many plastic water bottles Canadians consume each year.

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We’ll sip to this

Using disposable plastic straws are horrible for the environment, which is exactly why loading up on a pack of easy-to-clean stainless steel straws is a much better idea. Pack one in each of your favourite on-the-go bags, desk drawers, and other places you’re likely to find yourself craving an iced coffee.

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Skip the plastic shopping bags

Throw your groceries in, the spoils of your errands, or just about anything else in a reusable grocery bag, and know you’ve saved the Earth of yet another plastic bag blowing in the wind.

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paper towelvia

Free up some pantry space as a bonus

If your pantry is typically stocked with paper goods, consider these reusable paper towels from Bambooee your shelf space saviour. Each roll comes with 20 ultra-absorbent sheets you can machine wash up to 100 times. That means each single sheet can replace several rolls of typical paper.

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Less medicine cabinet clutter

Nobody is arguing the value of using a strong sunscreen when you head out, but eventually, all those bottles add up. If you’re prone to feeling guilty about your carbon footprint or just want to pack lighter vacation bags, opt for clothes with built-in UPF 50+, like swimwear from Coolibar. You’ll use less lotion and energy worrying about when to reapply if your clothes do most of the work for you. Just remember to cover your face, neck, hands, feet, and other areas that aren’t beneath your super cool new swimwear.

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Even menstrual products can be reused

The regular pads and tampons we’re all used to seeing at the drugstore can’t be reused, however, menstrual cups like the DivaCup or Lily Cup from Intima are designed to collect fluids to empty, wash, and reuse. Learn everything you need to know about using a menstrual cup.

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Your snacks can save the planet

Who knew your afternoon pretzels-and-almonds habit could play a small part in saving the planet? Instead of using disposable zipper seal bags, opt for reusable storage bags like these from Envirogen.

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drink boxvia

This is sweet

Parents of young children know how much waste (and money) comes out of buying disposable juice boxes. Reusable juice boxes exist, though, and they make any juice, water, or other beverage instantly better for the planet.

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coffee filtersvia

Even K-cups come in a reusable format

If you already have a standard Keurig coffee maker, there’s no reason to swap out your favourite morning appliance. Just grab a pack of GoodCups reusable K-cups that allows you to fill, filter, and brew any coffee your heart is set on, and save the planet in the process. Cheers! Plus, don’t miss these 7 beauty uses for coffee grounds.

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bags diapersvia

This doesn’t stink

Well, diapers in general stink, but these reusable diapers are a good alternative to the hundreds of disposable diapers normal infants go through each month.

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dog diapersvia

Even reusable dog diapers exist

We’re 100 percent serious, even though you’re probably under the impression we’re joking. For human best friends trying to support elderly, impaired, or accident-prone pups, these reusable doggy diapers can be a real lifesaver.

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water bottlevia

Refill your coffee cup

Even if your on-the-go coffee cups come from recycled paper, they’re still single-use items that clutter landfills. Consider switching to a dishwasher-safe Tervis tumbler that’s good for hot or cold beverages of all kinds.

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Forget paper plates

There’s no reason to worry about the impact and expense of single-use paper plates this barbecue season because ECOlunchbox stainless steel divider trays are the perfect solution to all the times you’d want to use paper. Bring them to the park, let clumsy kids use them, or use them at the office. They rinse off easily, are dishwasher-safe, and perfectly portioned.

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dryer ballsvia

Dryer sheets are a thing of the past

Skip the dryer sheets and opt for reusable wool dryer balls. They’re affordable, add gentle softening and fluff to your laundry, and you can even add a drop or two of essential oils to add fresh, mild scents to each load.

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squeeze pouchesvia

Reusable pouches will change your apple sauce game

If you’re known to go through dozens of those deliciously easy fruit puree packets, know that reusable versions exist. Pack your smoothies, DIY apple sauce, or just about anything else for an eco-friendlier way to snack.

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lint rollervia

Keep those black clothes black

You can still get all that cat hair off your favourite black pants with this reusable lint roller.

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Why didn’t we think of this?

Have you ever stopped to think about how much food wrap you’ve gone through in your life? Store your leftovers more thoughtfully next time with these reusable silicone lids. They stretch, wash clean in a cinch, and will cut down on waste.

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false eyelashesvia

Looks pretty good to us

We’re pretty sure nobody ever stopped to think about all those plastic eyelash extensions floating around out there. Aside from them being less than natural looking, they’re designed for single-use, which makes it hard for budget-minded beauty lovers to partake in anything eco-friendly. You can bat your eyelashes knowing Kiss Products Lashes are both reusable and made of natural hair, so even if you lose them or wear them out, they’re biodegradable. These eco-conscious brands are worth some recognition as well.

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dog matvia

Speaking of bathroom habits

Even those expensive pet pee pads you’ve been dropping serious cash on come in a reusable version. We just hope you have access to a washing machine.

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All that and a bag of… apples

Seriously, every time you head to the grocery store to focus on eating clean, you’re probably being less than green when you bag your favourite produce. Skip the plastic and opt for reusable produce bags. They’re small, easy to carry in your favourite reusable tote, and some are even designed to help ripen produce faster. Next, read up on 50 facts that will make you stop using plastic.

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