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The Geometric Nail Trends You Need to Get On Board With STAT

It’s impossible to scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing geometric nail designs — and being that it is this year’s hottest nail trend, here are our top faves.

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Geometric Nail Art, nailsphoto credit: shutterstock

Nail art is the best accessory

You can tell a lot about a person just by their nails. Don’t you agree? Well, we do. In fact, we find a person’s nails to be a major indicator of their personality, or better yet, mood. And since everyone and their mothers are talking about #GeometricNails, we thought it was time to showcase a few of our favourite geometric nail art from the wonderful world of Insta. The best part? Geometric nail art can be pretty easy to DIY if you have a steady handy and a roll of tape.

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Geometric Nail Art, nailsAlyssa Ball

Geometric Nail Art: Lines galore

Now this is a look worthy of an Insta post! Detailed with the finest of lines, you will not be disappointed with all of the comments you are about to receive.

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Geometric Nail Art, nailsphoto credit: Instagram; CND

Geometric Nail Art: Dot love

Dotted to perfection, this is a look that commands a good time wherever your day may take you.

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Geometric Nail Art, nailsphoto credit: Instagram, OPI

Geometric Nail Art: Three shaded

Why use one shade when you can use three to achieve the ultimate summer vibe.

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Geometric Nail Art, nailsphoto credit: Instagram, Essie

Geometric Nail Art: Square it

Weekends may be for pool parties but they’re also for sky blue nails, with a hint of red.

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Geometrics Nail Art, nailsphoto credit: Instagram, CND

Geometric Nail Art: Moon me

To accentuate your moons (or lack there of), this is a the best subtle design to give your nails some definition.

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Geometric Nail Art, nailsphoto credit: Instagram, OPI Professionals

Geometric Nail Art: Candy stripe

If you’re all for the stripes this season, make way for the design that’ll have you sippin’ drinks just to show off your hands all night long.

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Geometric Nail Art, nailsphoto credit: Instagram, OPI

Geometric Nail Art: Forever bold

What’s better than no lines? Random lines. These lines add some oomph to your already vibrantly bold polish.

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Geometric Nail art, nailsphoto credit: Instagram, TIPS nail Bar

Geometric Nail Art: Triangle cutouts

Who doesn’t love a triangle cutout? Adding just a touch of colour, you can go from simple to chic in an instant.

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