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Earth Hour: What to eat when the lights are out

Keep your taste buds turned on when the lights are off. These recipes from Toronto’s Live Food Bar use raw ingredients only

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eco-friendly food

An Earth Hour Menu

Besides a few pulses of the blender, you won’t need any appliances to make these dishes. Courtesy of Toronto’s raw food restaurant Live Food Bar, these recipes might spark a love for raw food. The flavours are bold and exotic, and the ingredients are ultra healthy.


Of course, by eating raw you’ll be helping to save the Earth, too. Earth Hour is a global endeavor to turn out the lights and combat climate change. These recipes will help you extend your planet-saving efforts with eco-friendly eating.

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Thai noodle salad

Thai Vibe

This Thai-inspired noodle salad contains kelp noodles which are easily available at your local health stores. Kelp is a seaweed that’s high in minerals and vitamins, and balances the body’s pH levels, amongst other benefits. Superfood Maca will give you fuel for the day. This sauce can be used on pasta or rice, too.


Get the recipe: Thai Vibe

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Oatmeal with dried fruit

Wild Macadamia Porridge

Start your day with the exotic flavours in this healthy breakfast. Macadamia nuts are said to help lower cholesterol, and they’re full of good-for-you fatty acids. Add some sweetness with coconut and agave nectar, and you’ll have a breakfast that will transport you.


Get the recipe: Wild Macadamia Porridge

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condiment in ramekin

Oil-free Agave Mustard

Use this mustard as a sauce to dress salads or marinate meats-or tofu. This condiment packs flavour and virtually no fat.


Get the recipe: Oil-free Agave Mustard


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