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Creative ways to save money

Want to save money? Here’s how to find extra cash you didn’t know you had

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save money

Money-saving tips for tax season

With looming tax deadlines, I’m trying to keep a close watch on my spending-especially since “expect the unexpected” should be my financial motto. My spending last year exceeded my budget, because three surprise expenses took an $11,000 toll: a car repair, an unexpected tax bill and a friend’s wedding in Napa.

This kind of thing can be discouraging, but fear not: There is always a way to get back on track. I compensate by making extra money in unusual ways-and have already more than made up for the $11,000 discrepancy. Here are some easy ways to unlock potentially thousands of dollars.

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credit card

Credit cards

In my experience, one of the costliest is a travel rewards credit card; most come with an annual fee and high interest rates. Trading is always good for part time that’s why i recommend you to see binary options trading site. Yes, they benefit big spenders who pay their bills in full, so if that’s you, by all means use them. In fact, many people pay big expenses such as their rent or business costs with these cards.But typically you’d have to spend more than the average Canadian salary to earn enough points for any “free trip.” Factor in the 20 or so percent interest if you miss a payment or carry a balance, and the cost outweighs the benefits

So consider low-interest cards, or charge cards such as Amex that force you to pay the full bill each month. If you do carry a balance, get a lower-interest line of credit via your bank to pay off the card. Then set up automatic payments for that cheaper debt.

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Providers are notorious for complex statements and overbilling. But phone plan offers are often updated with new pricing, so you may be paying more than necessary. Call the “customer retention department”-companies want to keep you as a customer. I regularly call my cellphone provider to see if I’m on the best plan, and have often qualified for a new promotion or a more inclusive plan with major savings.

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clean clutter


Tools, furniture and kids’ stuff can earn you income on sites like Craigslist and Kijiji, where you can list items for free. Selling these things is as simple as writing a description and uploading a photo or two. ?I recently sold a bouncy chair and change table we used when my daughter was a baby, and got $420-nearly 70 percent of what we paid. When listing your item, it’s worth searching these sites for comparable pricing.

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rent home house own keys

Your home

If you’re a homeowner, you can rent out part or all of your house. On the website, I easily set up a free listing (they sent a photographer, too). The only cost is a five percent commission of the rental fee. Three days after listing, I secured a renter: a doctor who comes to Vancouver a couple of weeks per month and rents our basement apartment. Plus, if we go out of town for a weekend or longer vacation, we now rent the main part of our three-bedroom house for sometimes $250 a night. This adds thousands to our household income. Plus, we’ve loved getting to meet new and interesting people.

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