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The 2017 Celebrity Health News Headlines We Want To Remember

What were the celebrity health news worth remembering from 2017? Here, we list the lessons we learned from our favourite stars.

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celebrity health news Selena Gomez in the hospitalphoto credit: shutterstock

2017 was one heck of a year in celebrity health news

While the world seemed to be imploding in every area (politics, Hollywood and media, to name a few) there was one area that seemed to flourish: This year, people cared more about their well-being than ever before. And we saw some of that in the buzzy celebrity health news.

Not only are we more educated about our health, but we’re putting that knowledge to good use. Calorie counts now appear on all restaurant and fast-food menus, helping us make healthier and more informed choices; boutique gyms are popping up all over Canada to help us keep our butts moving (even when it’s minus-17 outside); and it seems some celebrities are using their fame and influence for good.

Here are some major health moments that stood out to me this year

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julianne hough dietphoto credit: shutterstock

1. Women spoke out – on a number of topics

In addition to the #MeToo movement, famous females used their platform to speak out about a number of women’s health issues. Monica, Lena Dunham and Julianne Hough continued talking about endometriosis, keeping the conversation front and centre. While Sasha Pieterse, star of Pretty Little Liars, spoke out about polycystic ovary syndrome for the very first time on primetime mega hit, Dancing with the Stars.

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Ashley Graham's Body Confidencephoto credit: shutterstock

2. Fitspiration meant strong, not skinny

The body positive moment definitely started in 2016, but it hit its stride in 2017. Ashley Graham continued to push inclusivity forward, posing nude in V magazine (which, by the way, didn’t Photoshop her stretch marks) and walked in some of the biggest runway shows in the world. Laura Harrier, Jennifer Garner and Britney Spears continued to make strong women sexy, while Kate Upton admitted she didn’t even own a scale – and never planned to.

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Demi Lovato reveals her health issues on YouTubephoto credit: shutterstock

3. We started really talking about mental health

Thanks to mega stars like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, the conversation about mental health hit the mainstream media this year. Selena admitted to going to rehab solely for her mental health, while Lovato released an entire documentary on YouTube that focused on her struggles with depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Angelina Jolie opened up about the effects of her divorce, and how she believes “putting herself last” caused her to develop Bell’s palsy and hypertension [link to:] — something women all over the world can relate to.

If 2017 was any indication, 2018 is going to be one hell of a healthy ride.