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5 Canadian Podcasts That’ll Make You Excited For Your Morning Commute

From exploring mindfulness, top beauty brands to ultimate gems from the ’90s, these podcasts will not disappoint.

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The Canadian podcasts to fuel your morning commute

Considering there are quite the number of Canadian podcasts circling around on the Web, it seems pretty odd if you haven’t come across one you’re absolutely obsessed with by now. And although they may be the perfect way to help pass the time on your long commute to and from work, the real reason they’re all the rage is due to the knowledge you gain. From health, wellness (Find out which desert country is the ultimate wellness destination.), beauty to fitness, they’re the best way to catch up on the latest trends and expert advice in the biz. Read on for the Canadian podcasts that will have your headphones hooked to your ears all season long.

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Canadian Podcasts, Breaking Beautyphoto credit: Breaking Beauty

Best podcast if you live for beauty tips

Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins, co-creators and hosts of the Breaking Beauty Podcast, have turned their longtime love for beauty into a podcast sensation. The Breaking Beauty Podcast has ranked as one of the top five Fashion & Beauty Podcasts on the Canadian iTunes charts since launching in 2017 and has been featured internationally by Refinery 29 and ELLE UK, among others. Using their insider intel, the former magazine beauty editors are making waves in the beauty industry by using their podcast as a platform to reveal the stories (struggles and successes) behind today’s most talked about beauty brands.

Announcing Breaking Beauty the podcast!! ????We’re your hosts @carlenehiggins and @jilldonbeauty, two long-time beauty editors on a quest to bring you the greatest origin stories behind the most #topshelf beauty products, straight from the gloss bosses’ mouths. ???? Get to know what the investment-worthy products are in skincare, makeup, fragrance and hair- whether it sells out every thirty seconds, or whether it’s a cult hit hoarded by in-the-know beauty journos like us. ????Plus, hear from the inspiring founders as they recount their foils and fist pump moments along the path to success. ???? Listen to Episode 1 on the smash of the luxury spa world, @omorovicza >>>>>> #linkinbio #foundersrule #breakingbeautypodcast #omorovicza ????: @norman__wong #TryPod

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Ultimately, if you’re looking for the 411 on today’s hottest beauty products and the people who created them, this podcast is your bible.

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Check out how to fake a sun-kissed glow with just 3 simple steps.

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Canadian Podcasts, Vibe Tribe Wellnessphoto credit: Vibe Tribe Wellness

Best podcast if you’re looking for a healthy tribe

Gal pals Becka Crowe and Rachael Hunt share a passion for eating grain- and gluten-free. Since meeting through the Toronto influencer community, the two have bonded over their love of all things wellness and paired up to create a podcast called Vibe Tribe Wellness. Each episode features an interview with a different expert in the industry and an inspiring chat around topics such as health and wellness. fitness, spirituality, self-love, and so much more.

Now in their second season, with listeners from all around the world (40+ countries), and a spot on iTunes’ Top 100 Health Podcasts, these ladies are well on their way to conquering the wellness world.

Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher &

Read on for more on these gluten-free gal pals and how they broke into the world.

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lemon water podcastphoto credit:

Best podcast if you start your day with a glass of lemon water

Do you drink a glass of lemon water every morning? Well, founder Michelle Siman believes that everything great in life begins with a glass (hence the name of her podcast, Lemon Water).

Covering topics like self-care, food, diet, skincare, exercise and beauty, Siman has devoted herself to growing this empowered community. The podcast features some of the most inspiring and dedicated influencers, creators and experts in the industry to give you the inside scoop on how to go about living a healthier, more balanced life. But before you delve into the series full-throttle, make sure you give Siman’s first episode a listen to really understand what set her on this path and why she started a podcast in the first place.

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Canadian Podcasts, Mindful Mostlyphoto credit: Mindful Mostly

Best podcast if you’re about being mindful

iHeartRadio Canada host, Andrea Collins, is bringing her conscious living to the forefront in her motivational podcast, Mindful (mostly). Since beginning her journey in the podcast world in 2017, Collins has gained a strong following (with over 36,000 downloads on PodBean) thanks to her natural interview skills, and a genuine and energetic charm. Each 20 minute episode revolves around how to live your best life, whether that be through purging your belongings, decoding your dreams, or meal prep. This is a podcast that has the power to bring you a sense of clarity in your life.

Available on PodBean & Apple Podcasts.

And what about mindful eating? Here’s the scoop on how it can help you lose weight.

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capsule 98 podcast logophoto credit:

Best podcast if you were born in the late ’80s

Listen to an episode of The Capsule ‘98 Podcast and you can’t help but feel a little (or more than a little) nostalgic. So let’s rewind back to how this ’90s gold mine began: in late 2016, founder Randi Bergman happened to stumble across a time capsule her 13-year-old self had created. The freelance writer and editor began sharing its contents via InstagramThink: her pre-teen crushes (both celeb and IRL), her love for Spice Girls lollipops, friendship bracelets, Leonardo DiCaprio, and even personal diary entires.

On the podcast, Bergman covers every throwback from the ’90s imaginable, all the while featuring an array of special celebrity guests. For any Titanic fans out there, episode four is must-listen.

No notes, just the essentials in my junior high agenda ✔

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Available on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud & Stitcher.

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