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6 fun and healthy cocktails for your Oscar party

Go for gold with these Oscar-worthy healthy cocktails and make all your guests feel like a star

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party cocktails

Il Pompelmo

This antioxidant-rich cocktail is the perfect drink for an elegant Oscar party. Fresh pink grapefruit juice shaken with with thyme, whisky and grappa reveals a gorgeously colourful drink fit for a star.

Get the recipe: Il Pompelmo

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green martini

The Okarito

This alcoholic cocktail balances the tart flavour of kiwifruit, lime and rhubarb with the sweetness of apple juice and a vanilla simple syrup. Serve in a martini glass and make those Oscar losers green with envy.

Get the recipe: The Okarito

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whisky cocktail

La Belle Capsicum

This one’s for the boys. Red bell pepper and herb liquer add a unique touch to this Scotch-and-whisky cocktail that’ll make your guy feel as if he can rival Oscar-nominee Hugh Jackman-if only for a moment.

Get the recipe: La Belle Capsicum

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cherry mojito

Cherry Red Eye Mojito

An eye-catching twist on the classic mojito, this cocktail is perfect for a special occasion such as the Oscars.

Get the recipe: Cherry Red Eye Mojito

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Red Alert.jpg

Red Alert

This alcohol-free drink is a great option for non-drinkers at your party. A blend of cherry juice, coconut water and club soda, the Red Alert is definitely a thirst quencher.

Get the recipe: Red Alert

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sparkling cherry punch

Sparkling Red Cherry Punch

With just 63 calories per serving, this sparkling punch is a great light option for those intent on maintaining their Oscar-worthy bodies. Save the champagne and use sparking water for an alcohol-free option.

Get the recipe: Sparkling Red Cherry Punch

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