5 kitchen gadgets that can help you lose weight

These new kitchen gadgets can help you eat less fat, control portions and preserve nutrients

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roasting pan

1. Bake fat free

Cut calories and fat from dinner by not using butter or margarine to grease your oven tray. This non-stick version is made with a ceramic-based coating called Thermolon Rocks, which is free from perfluorinated chemicals (suspected carcinogens), and takes a lot less energy to create than standard non-stick coatings. (GreenPan Rectangular Oven Tray, 28 cm x 38 cm, $48, [email protected], 416-644-1661)

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oil measure bottle

2. Measure oil before pouring

Even the healthier oils, such as olive and canola, contain more than 100 calories per tablespoon (15 mL)-so if you’re a free-pourer when cooking, you may be getting more calories than you realize. This specially designed bottle does the measuring for you. Hold the button to pump as little as a teaspoon (5 mL) up to a tablespoon (15 mL) from the reservoir into the pouring jigger. (Elemental Kitchen oil and vinegar measure bottle, $20, 325 mL, trudeau.ca)

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veggie steamer

3. Steam in nutrients

Steaming allows vegetables to hold on to more of their antioxi­dants. This silicone steamer slides into a variety of different-sized pots, and won’t scratch ceramic or metal. (Trudeau Silicone Vegetable Steamer with Handles, $13, 9?1/4 in./ 23.5 cm, trudeau.ca)

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nesting measuring cups

4. Practise perfect portion control

These colour-coded ceramic measuring cups are a pretty way of ensuring better portion control. (You may even want to eat right out of these bowls!)

Here are some ideas for right-sizing your servings:
• Use the one-cup (250 mL) bowl for plain low-fat yogurt and berries.
• Use the 1/2-cup (125 mL) bowl to get one serving of brown rice.
• Use the 1/3-cup (75 mL) bowl to treat yourself to ice cream or frozen yogurt.
• Use the 1/4-cup (60 mL) bowl to get your daily serving of nuts. (Abbott set of four nesting bowls, $16, [email protected] or 800-263-2955)

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herb keeper

5. Boost flavour with herbs

To cut back on salt, use tasty herbs on salad, whole grain rice or a salmon steak. This container has a water reservoir so herbs (and asparagus) last longer in the fridge.  (Herb Keeper, 24.5 cm, $25, crateandbarrel.ca or 888.657.4108)

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fitness tech jump rope

More weight-loss gadgets

Want to add exercise to your weight-loss plan? Try a few tech toys to give your workout a boost. Check out these fitness gadgets from our partner site, Sympatico.ca.

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