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30 Beauty Products with Weird but Effective Ingredients

Call us crazy, but it seems like the most effective skin care ingredients are also the strangest. From activated charcoal to snail mucus extract (yes, snail mucus!), here are the products beauty-lovers are going gaga over this season.

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Rodial Bee Venom Day Creamphoto: Rodial

The Ingredient: Bee Venom

Say goodbye to wrinkles; this day cream is infused with bee venom which will increase circulation and firm skin, eliminating the appearance of fine lines.

Rodial Bee Venom Day Cream, $160 at

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Soap Walla Glycerin Soap Barphoto: Soapwalla

The Ingredient: Activated Charcoal

Known for its ability to remove toxins from the skin, activated charcoal has become one of the hottest skin care ingredients of 2016.

Soapwalla Activated Charcoal + Petitgrain Soap Bar, US $13 at

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Hwansaenggo Golden Firming Eye Maskphoto: The Face Shop

The Ingredient: Snail Mucus Extract

Pamper your peepers with a luxurious eye mask made from regenerating snail mucus extract and detoxifying 24K gold.

The Face Shop Hwansaenggo Escargot Golden Firming Eye Mask, $6 at

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Klorane Shampoo With Chamomilephoto: Klorane

The Ingredient: Chamomile

Forget sitting in a salon all day, achieve the perfect shade of bombshell blonde with hair-lightening and moisturizing chamomile.

Klorane Golden Highlights Shampoo, $12 at

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Nip Fab Kale Fix Moisturizerphoto: Nip + Fab

The Ingredient: Kale

Nutritionists have been singing its praises for years, and now skin care experts are, too. This kale, watercress and almond oil moisturizer will keep skin hydrated and protected all day long.

Nip + Fab Kale Fix Moisturizer, $26 at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

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Garnier SkinActive Clean Cleansing Towelettesphoto: Garnier

The Ingredient: Charcoal

These cleansing towelettes use charcoal to clear up blemishes and mattify skin-a must-have through the hot summer months.

Garnier SkinActive Clean+ Oily Skin Purifying Remover, $8 at

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Jergens Natural Glow with Black Teaphoto: Jergens

The Ingredient: Black Tea

Not only does this daily moisturizer give skin the perfect glow without harmful UV rays, but it’s enriched with antioxidant-packed black tea to keep skin soft and supple.

Jergens Natural Glow with Black Tea, $9 at

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Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasuresphoto: Garnier

The Ingredient: Royal Jelly

If your hair’s been damaged (and let’s be honest: whose hasn’t?), then royal jelly is your new best friend. Also known as bee’s milk, this nutrient-rich concentrate can bring even the sickliest strands back from the brink.

Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures Shampoo + Conditioner, $6-$8 at major retailers.

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The Body Shop Drops of Light Collectionphoto: the body shop

The Ingredient: Red Algae

Packed with red algae (known for a mega blend of vitamin C and other skin-brightening minerals and nutrients), this skin care line is everything your skin has been wishing for and more.

The Body Shop Drops of Light Collection, $16-$38 at

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Too Faced Born This Way Foundationphoto: Too Faced

The Ingredient: Coconut Water

Not only will this flawless foundation hide any imperfections, but it’s infused with coconut water to keep skin feeling hydrated and healthy.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, $54 at

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Plume Lash Serumphoto: Plume

The Ingredient: Honey Extract

Take your brows and lashes from barely there to big and bushy with help from Plume’s honey-infused serum. (Hair follicles treated with honey extract retain more moisture and grow faster and stronger.)

Plume Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum, US $95 at

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Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Serumphoto: fresh

The Ingredient: Black Tea

This anti-aging serum is formulated with two types of black tea, both proven to inhibit the effects of free radicals on the skin.

Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Firming Serum, $111 at

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Hair Recipes Egg Shampoo and Conditioner.jpgphoto: hair recipes

The Ingredient: Eggs

It’s no surprise protein-packed eggs work wonders on your hair. They cleanse without removing essential oils, leaving hair feeling full and fresh.

Egg + Cognac Shampoo and Egg Yolk Conditioner, US $15-$17 at

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Korres Greek Yogurt Cleansing Wipesphoto: korres

The Ingredient: Greek Yogurt

With an abundance of protein packed into these cleansing wipes, they’ll nourish the skin as they remove impurities and all traces of makeup.

Korres Greek Yoghurt Cleansing and Makeup Removing Wipes, $18 at

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Shaveworks Pearl Souffle Luxurious Shave Creamphoto: Shaveworks

The Ingredient: Capislow

Beyond giving you a super close shave, this cream is infused with Capislow (also known as a miraculous plant extract that slows down the hair growth process).

Shaveworks Pearl Souffle Luxurious Shave Cream, $40 at

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Burts Bees Rasperry Oil Lipsticksphoto: Burt’s Bees

The Ingredient: Raspberry Seed Oil

It used to be impossible to find long-wear colour that wouldn’t dry out your lips, but these all-natural lipsticks (with raspberry seed oil and beeswax) have managed to do just that.

Burt’s Bees lipsticks, $10 at

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Nair Wax Ready Stripsphoto: Nair

The Ingredient: Japanese Cherry Blossom

Staying hair-free all summer can be a pain (literally), but these new wax strips are infused with Japanese cherry blossom, which helps soothe sore skin.

Nair Wax Ready-Strips, $13-$17 at select mass and drug retailers.

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Aveeno Active Naturals Protect Hydrate Sunscreenphoto: Aveeno

The Ingredient: Oatmeal

Don’t let the summer sun suck the life out of your skin. This sunscreen’s infused with colloidal oatmeal to keep skin hydrated all day, no matter how strong the rays are.

Aveeno Active Naturals Protect + Hydrate Sunscreen, $16 at select mass and drug retailers.

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Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oilphoto: fresh

The Ingredient: Seaberry

Used for generations as a natural remedy, Seaberry oil is a powerful omega-packed antioxidant that protects and nourishes the skin.

Fresh Seaberry Nutrition Cleansing Oil, $49 at

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Kate Somerville Goats Milk DePuffing Eye Balmphoto: Kate Somerville

The Ingredient: Goat’s Milk

One of the gentlest skin care ingredients on the market, lactose-rich goat’s milk soothes tired eyes (and reduces puffiness).

Kate Somerville Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye Balm, $48 at

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Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Intensive Renewal Serumphoto: aveeno

The Ingredient: Blackberries

Infused with antioxidant-rich blackberries (which have been shown to improve skin’s elasticity), this serum will help halt the hands of time.

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Intensive Renewal Serum, $30 at select mass and drug retailers.

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Meow Meow Lemon Eucalyptus Deodorantphoto: Meow Meow tweet

The Ingredient: Eucalyptus

Added into this all-natural deodorant formula, antibacterial eucalyptus keeps body odour at bay, leaving behind a crisp scent.

Meow Meow Tweet Lemon Eucalyptus Deodorant, $31 at

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Viviscal Maximum Strength Hair Supplementsphoto: Viviscal

The Ingredient: AminoMar C

From movie stars to models, Viviscal (and super strange ingredient AminoMar C Marine Complex) has fans all over the world. AminoMar C Marine Complex is the brand’s proprietary blend of marine ingredients, including shark cartilage and oyster. If you need your hair to grow fast and strong, this is the way to do it.

Viviscal Maximum Strength Hair Supplements, $60/month at

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Saje Bliss Mist Harmonizing Facial Tonerphoto: saje

The Ingredient: Lavender

You may know lavender as the sweet-smelling flower, but it’s also incredibly effective at hydrating and restoring skin’s radiance.

Bliss Mist Harmonizing Facial Toner, $30 at

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OGX Kukui Oil Anti Frizz Hydrating Oilphoto: ogx

The Ingredient: Kukui Nut Oil

If your hair needs some help in the humidity, kukui nut oil is the answer you’ve been looking for. This Hawaiian hair secret is a miraculous frizz-fighter.

Hydrate + DeFrizz Kukui Oil Anti-Frizz Hydrating Oil, $9 at

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Filorga Skin Absolutephoto: filorga

The Ingredient: Meteorite Extract

This skin-rejuvenating night cream is made with meteorite extract and brown seaweed, two ingredients that help skin cells regenerate.

Filorga Skin Absolute Ultimate Anti-Aging Night Cream, $195 at

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Kat Burki Hibiscus Antioxidant Face Maskphoto: Kat Burki

The Ingredient: Hibiscus

Packed with nutrients, the hibiscus in this face mask helps restore skin’s moisture while stimulating cell turnover to reveal younger-looking skin.

Kat Burki Hibiscus Antioxidant Face Mask, $86 at

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St Tropez Gradual In Shower Tanning Lotionphoto: St. Tropez

The Ingredient: Almond Oil

Deeply nourishing, this self-tanner is infused with sweet almond oil to lock in moisture for a full 24 hours after application.

St. Tropez In-Shower Gradual Tan Lotion, $35 at

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Wakame Firming Hydrogel Maskphoto: Boscia

The Ingredient: Wakame

Keep skin looking its best with help from wakame (Japanese sea kelp extract), which is known to improve skin’s texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Boscia Wakame Firming Hydrogel Mask, $10 at

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OGX Bamboo Fiber Full Shampoo Conditionerphoto: ogx

The Ingredient: Bamboo

Pump up your hair’s volume with this bamboo-infused shampoo and conditioner. The bamboo fibers attach to hair strands, giving the appearance of a much thicker mane.

Strength + Body Bamboo Fiber-Full Shampoo and Conditioner, $9 at

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