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3 water-saving dual-flush toilets

Ditch your water-wasting toilet for one of these three eco-friendly dual-flush models

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The new dual-flush toilets

One day, huge toilet tanks will be a thing of the past. Just think: Toilets older than 15 years use 18 or more litres of water per flush. Newer-generation toilets typically use 13 litres, and still newer versions use just six. But the latest and most eco-friendly are the dual-flush models. Long in use in Europe and other parts of the world, these let you choose between two water flows-three or six litres, depending on what you’re flushing-and will conserve more than 190 litres of water a day for a family of four. Here are three choices.

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Pegasus toilet

1. Pegasus

The Pegasus dual-flush toilet (4 L to 6 L) has a side handle flush and comes with a one-year warranty. (Home Depot, $149)

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Rona collection toilet

2. Rona Collection

The sleek Rona Collection dual-flush toilet (4 L to 6 L) has a top button flush and comes with a five-year warranty
(1 year for parts). (Rona, $299)

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San Jose toilet

3. San Jose

The San Jose two-piece dual-flush toilet (3 L to 6 L) has a top button flush, and comes with a one-year warranty. (Canadian Tire, $70 for the bowl and $90 for the tank)

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The DIY option

Don’t want the hassle of replacing your old toilet? You can install a dual-flush system in your existing tank. e.g., HydroRight Dual-Flush System. (Canadian Tire, $35)

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