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15 Mantras for Healthy Weight Loss Motivation

Successful dieters share the weight loss motivation mantras that help get them through the more difficult parts of their journey.

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“You are who you’ve been waiting for.”

“Often we look for answers to our challenges outside of us. Many times, we even blame our failures on other people or situations. The more I chanted this mantra to myself, the more confident I felt that I had exactly what I needed to support myself in my weight-loss goals. Bringing it back to me helped me stay on track and make permanent changes in my routine. Say it in the morning before your feet hit the floor, when you start to talk yourself out of exercising, before you make poor meal choices and while looking in the mirror before going to bed.” —Eva Santiago Reed who lost 25 pounds. Here’s the key to creating your own signature affirmation.

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“I am my problem and my solution.”

“Saying this mantra to myself reminds me that, once in a while, I am going to mess up and make mistakes during this process, but that I have the power within me to make the necessary changes and corrections to succeed in the long run.” —Anne Bogan Malone who lost 34 pounds. In search of a spiritual vacation? Check out this U.S. desert town.

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“When you’re strong, prepare for the times when you’re weak.”

“I have this written inside my ‘snack’ cabinet in my kitchen. As much as I absolutely love the feeling of eating healthy and staying on-plan, I know that I am just one crisis, thought or feeling away from a slip-up. For this reason, I plan ahead. I make sure I always have a healthy, grab-and-go snack available in my fridge or cabinet. It’s saved me many times.” —Denise Sowder who lost 265 pounds. Check out these 30 guilt-free snacks to curb your cravings.

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“You didn’t gain weight overnight and you won’t lose it overnight either.”

“The reason this resonates with me is that it’s a reminder that weight loss is, and always will be, a lifetime struggle. The daily decisions are the ones that add up to success. I didn’t become overweight because of one unhealthy meal and I won’t reach my goal because of one healthy choice. Sometimes weight loss seems overwhelming, whether it is five, 15 or 100 pounds to go, but if you focus on one pound at a time, it becomes more manageable. Before you know it, that one pound becomes five, then 15 and so on. Focusing on small goals makes it more attainable.” —Lauren Camasta who lost 75 pounds. Learn how this CEO maintained her fitness goals while travelling 24/7.

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“If you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple, you’re probably not hungry.”

“Many of us lean on food for comfort rather than for the purpose of satisfying physical hunger. If you are rummaging through the refrigerator or the cabinets and nothing healthy is hitting the spot or appealing to you, chances are it isn’t physical hunger that’s driving you towards food. Stopping to acknowledge that is so significant… someone who is truly, physically hungry will eat the apple or another healthy item to satisfy a basic, physical need for food.” —Dayna Miller who lost 92 pounds. Make these health tweaks in your 30s and you’ll stay healthy for the rest of your life.

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“I want to be the healthiest version of me.”

“I feel beautiful and I love the reflection I see in the mirror. I’ve spent too much of my life hating the person I am, but now I’ve finally learned to love that person, flaws and all. I strive every day to be a better version of myself and no longer strive for perfection. Instead, I strive to be compassionate to myself as I am towards others. I want to live a long, prosperous and happy life, which I can only achieve by being the best version of myself.” —Michele Jones who lost 180 pounds. Here are 16 affordable ways to practice self-care.

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“As a registered dietitian, I use this one with my clients when they are reaching for a snack or something that isn’t necessarily the best choice. I ask them to say ‘HALT’ and then ask whether or not they are hungry, angry, lonely or tired. If hunger is not the first answer then usually it’s best to set a timer for 15 minutes and try to let the craving pass.” —Eliza Savage who has helped clients lose hundreds of pounds. Make sure you know these 9 weight-loss tips that won’t leave you feeling hangry.

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“There IS no wagon.”

“Like many dieters, I would stick to my diet plan for a while, then slip up and announce I had fallen off the wagon. This would then give me an excuse to write off the rest of the week and continue eating ‘naughty’ foods. I knew I needed to stop this pattern of behaviour and, finally, I had a moment of clarity. I decided to change ‘I fell off the wagon’ to ‘I made a bad choice.’ I was able to acknowledge that I’d eaten something I hadn’t intended to, put it behind me and moved on while sticking to my diet.” —Lizi Jackson-Barrett who lost 70 pounds. Here are 20 ways to lose weight (without dieting).

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“Face your stuff; don’t stuff your face.”

“Stress or emotional eating is a way of soothing ourselves, but if we just faced the stuff that is driving us to eat too much, we can unwind the issues and, therefore, the behaviour. I used this for my own journey and now use it to help others. When we’re not eating to soothe ourselves, we save a whole bunch of calories. That infuriating meeting doesn’t have to drive me to doughnuts. If I stop and think about why I’m barreling towards food for comfort, I stop and remind myself to face my stuff instead of stuffing my face. It’s just goofy enough to help me snap out of an unhelpful pattern so I can make a better choice.” —Renee Jones who lost 30 pounds. Here’s how mindful eating can help you lose weight.

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“I love you beautiful, toned, healthy ______. I’m happy you are mine.”

“I say this mantra to every section of my body as I shower, and especially when I am applying my moisturizer. I say it to my legs, hips, bottom, stomach, arms, and even my face. Once I found out that the cells in our bodies have intelligence, I vowed to connect with my parts in loving ways and to never criticize them. I am 100 percent confident that this activity has been a major supplement to my healthy lifestyle choices.” —Elle Swan who lost 67 pounds. These are the tips a weight-loss coach won’t tell you.

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“Humans aren’t supposed to eat junk food.”

“With so much high-carb, decadent fare around us all the time, it’s easy to assume that it’s our birthright to indulge in it. Instead, I remind myself that, just because the standard American diet revolves around bagels, sandwiches, sodas, and breakfast pastries, doesn’t mean we should eat it. After all, this refined sugar- and flour-rich food doesn’t nourish our bodies; instead, it offers our minds momentary pleasure.” —Dina Cheney who lost 25 pounds. Find out the best time to eat during the day to lose weight.

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“Feed your soul for lasting pleasure.”

“Often, I would overeat because my soul was hungry, but when the last crumb was gone, I felt even ‘hungrier’ than before. When I finally recognized this and started getting the nourishment my soul was craving, my stomach was no longer a bottomless pit that could never be filled. Now I listen to the needs of both my body and my soul so I can eat in a healthy way. I get the spiritual and physical nourishment needed to live joyfully, with kindness and ancient wisdom bringing lasting pleasure.” —Brachia Goetz who lost 20 pounds. Learn the 16 subtle signs you’re not as healthy as you think.

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“Just keep swimming.”

“I love swimming and I love the pool and the ocean. So this quote, from the movie Finding Nemo, to me embodies persistence, love, family, friends that become family, and true purpose in life. It also ties into my feelings that everything happens for a reason and the other saying, ‘this too shall pass.’ The mantra has worked for my 35-pound weight loss because I know that, if I keep swimming, I will reach my goal and continue to live this life that I love.” —Melissa Galante  who lost 34 pounds. These 5 inspiring mantras will help you hustle harder.

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“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

“Like many working women, I often struggle with stress and never seeming to have enough time. It’s times like that when I’m more likely to have a piece of that office birthday cake or splurge on an unhealthy lunch. But when I take the time to prepare for my week, making meals ahead of time and stocking up on healthy snacks, I see a bigger loss on the scale. Even better, is how it makes me feel more in control of my life and less like ‘eating my feelings.'” —Amy Knierim who lost 33 pounds. Make sure you avoid these 15 weight-loss mistakes everyone makes.

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“I may be slow but I am passing everyone on the couch.”

“I know I’m not the fastest when it comes to dropping pounds, but at least I know I am doing my best and that I keep trying day after day. I find motivation from the fact that I am at least doing better than those sitting on the couch giving up.” —Jennifer Davison VanderWerf who lost 25 pounds. Next, don’t miss these 6 simple morning habits that can help you lose weight.

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