Is Almond Milk Good for You? What to Know About Almond Milk Nutrition

Plant-based milks like almond milk are giving dairy milks a run for their money, but are they any healthier for...

Here’s Why You Should Never Wash Chicken Before Cooking It

If you've always washed your chicken, it may be time to reconsider this potentially dangerous practice.

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16 Foods You Should Never Keep in the Fridge

It can be difficult to decide what foods need to be refrigerated. Practice food safety with our expert tips on...

Is Almond Flour Healthy? Here’s What a Nutritionist Says

If you're looking to replace all-purpose flour, then swap it with almond flour, which is gluten free and has fewer...

What Is the Healthiest Salt?

There are many varieties of salt out there, but which one is considered healthiest or right for you just may...

The 8 Worst Foods for Your Brain

Berries and broccoli are brain-boosting superstars. But plenty of foods are bad for your brain, robbing memory and sapping your...

9 Health Reasons to Start Drinking Lime Water

Citrus-infused H2O offers low- or no-cal refreshment. Here are the surprising benefits of lime water for your health.

Mushroom Jerky and 7 Other Healthy Alternatives Nutritionists Love

There are dozens of trendy so-called healthy alternatives and food swaps, like cauliflower rice, but these are the ones registered...

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9 Superfoods You Can Turn Into Scrumptious Comfort Food

Nutritionists reveal the best ways to eat for your body and soul.

How to Air Fry Your Favourite Foods

Want to know how to fry your favourite foods in the healthiest way possible? We've got the lowdown.

Is Avocado Oil Healthy? What Nutritionists Need You to Know

Avocado is more than just a popular source of healthy fats that can be made into guacamole or slathered on...

What Nutritionists Need You to Know About Smoke Point and Cooking Oils

The smoke point of oils (the temperature at which oils burn) can affect taste and quality—and even your health. Here,...

Canola Oil vs. Vegetable Oil: Which is Healthier?

Confused about the difference between canola and vegetable oil? You’re not alone.

Is Almond Butter Actually Healthy for You?

The simple answer is yes. But as with everything else, you need to keep in mind serving size and what...

What Happens If You Accidentally Eat Mould

It depends on the type of food and on your underlying health status, like your immune system.

Foods That Can Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Eating certain foods can help lower your risk of developing cancer. Here are the foods you should eat, and which...

Is Cabbage Good for You?

You'd be surprised at the nutritional punch cabbage packs.

Is It Healthy to Eat Cheese Every Day?

New research sheds some light on how often you should be reaching for the cheese board.

Clever Ways to Sneak More Veggies Into Your Day

These tips (and recipes!) will make getting your daily veggie requirement super easy and delicious.

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9 Must-Follow Breakfast Rules for People With Diabetes

A healthy breakfast for people with diabetes is high in protein and fibre.

The Truth About Eggs, Cholesterol and Your Health

Eggs contain cholesterol—but that doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Why Apples Are the Most Versatile Food for Fall

From baked goods to savoury dishes, Granny Smith apples are delicious in virtually all your fall recipes.

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50 Seasonless Recipes Guaranteed to Be a Hit

These easy recipes will add excitement to your meal rotation.

13 Foods You Should Think Twice About Buying Generic

Store brands can save you money — but some aren’t always the bargain they seem.

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30 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas That Are Super Healthy

It's the most important meal of the day, and with the help of these easy healthy recipes, it's also the...