If you’re curious about the best products to use based on your age, or don’t know what jade combs are, you’ve come to the right place. Discover our favourite skin care brands, learn dermatologist tips and tricks and so much more.

Can This TikTok-Famous Supplement Really Treat Acne?

Some content creators swear DIM supplements cleared their skin—here’s what experts say.

This Canadian Beauty Brand Uses Traditional West-African Ingredients to Soothe Skin

Nigerian skin care traditions transformed Yoyin Familusi’s skin—and inspired her business.

Does Dry Brushing Really Make Your Skin Healthier?

A dermatologist weighs in on the trendy skincare routine.

A Doctor Answers All Your Questions About Varicose Veins

Here's when to worry about varicose veins, plus why they appear and how to treat them.

A Sweaty Gal’s Guide to Sunscreen

How to practice sun safety before heading outside, while in the sun, and afterwards

12 Sunscreen Sticks and Powders That Make Mid-Day Touch-Ups a Breeze

Adding an extra coat of SPF has never been more appealing than with these finds, all available in Canada.

Here’s Why You Got a Skin Tag and What to Do If You Want It Gone

A dermatologist shares if skin tags can be prevented, and how their removal works.

18 Things Dermatologists Do to Protect Their Skin Every Summer

Experts give advice for lowering skin-cancer risk and achieving glowing skin through a healthy summer skin care routine.

8 Drugstore Self-Tanners That’ll Give You the Sunkissed Glow You’re After

We asked a dermatologist how to apply self-tanner for a natural-looking glow and rounded up the best picks available at...

After Cancer, Getting Botox and Fillers Made Me Feel Empowered

It’s not vanity, it’s not about ageism, and it’s not because of the patriarchy—it’s my choice.

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The Best Mineral Sunscreen to Reflect the Sun’s Harsh Rays

Mineral sunscreen has come a long way, baby. Here, discover your new faves — all available in Canada.

How to Treat Dark Spots, According to an Expert

Whether you call them sun spots, age spots, or—our least-fave term—liver spots, they’re all signs of sun damage to your...

Can the Facial Massages on TikTok Really Change Your Face?

Two experts share if it’s possible to massage your face into tautness and what to be cautious of if you’re...

The 7 Best Tinted Moisturizers with SPF That Protect and Even Out Skin

A dermatologist shares what you need to know about tinted moisturizer with SPF for effective sun protection, plus seven picks...

The Best Face and Body Drugstore Sunscreens for All Skin Types

Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is nonnegotiable (just ask any dermatologist). Here are eight cost-effective sunscreens that'll...

Could Psychodermatology Be the Key to Healthier Skin?

It might be worth asking your dermatologist.

Here’s the Deal with Sun Damage

Neutrogena® and Melanoma Canada have teamed up to help Canadians protect themselves from those harmful rays and detect skin cancer...

Is It Actually Possible to Shrink Large Pores? Experts Weigh In

It’s one of the most common complaints that beauty industry pros hear. Below, what you can do about large pores.

What to Know About Azelaic Acid, the New Buzzy Acne-Crushing Ingredient

Azelaic acid is a trendy ingredient featured in an array of new products from popular skin care brands. But what...

How’s Your Skin Barrier Doing? (Here’s How to Know)

Hint: If your skin is red, flaky, dry, sore or itchy, your skin barrier may be damaged.

The Dos and Don’ts of Using a Pumice Stone

To get smooth, soft feet, follow this expert advice—including how not to use a pumice stone.

How to Find the Right Vitamin C Serum for You

A dermatologist shares what to look for.

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The Better Supplement for Ageless Beauty

Why Canadians are revolutionizing their beauty routine with earth’s little secret.

5 of the Best Drugstore Retinol Serums for Every Skin Type

Retinol is a skincare a MVP. It helps minimize and prevent wrinkles, boosts collagen and evens-out skin texture—and it's available...

6 Drugstore Vitamin C Serums That Are Actually Amazing

Vitamin C serums can boost skin’s radiance and protect against free-radical damage—and there are many effective (and cost-effective!) options at...

Do Under-Eye Patches Work? We Asked a Dermatologist

Plus, six highly-rated ones to try if you’re intrigued.

Have Super Dry Skin? This Canadian Skincare Company Is Here to Help

The founder of Ellie Bianca talks to us about the magic of shea butter and how the brand supports women...

One of the Most Popular Injectables Right Now Is Something You Probably Haven’t Even Heard of Yet

It’s not a neuromodulator, and it’s not a dermal filler. But it can plump and smooth skin and help minimize...

8 Drugstore Eye Creams for Every Skin Need

We rounded up the best budget-friendly eye creams—including ones that brighten dark circles and others that smooth fine lines—all available...

Psoriasis 101: A Quick Primer on the Inflammatory Disease

Get to know psoriasis, the chronic condition that impacts the physical and emotional well-being of one million Canadians.

The Truth About Petrolatum: Does It Belong in Your Skin Care Products?

Petrolatum cuts a wide swath in skin care. Why are many companies choosing not to use it?