A Wellness Guru Shares Tips for Healthy Living

Sonia Jhas has a goal: to spread the word on healthy living. Here, she shares how she balances eating well, staying fit, and enjoying indulgences.

After struggling with negative self-talk and a poor body image, Sonia Jhas left her bustling corporate job to begin educating others on health and wellness through speaking and, now, her hefty social media following (follow her @soniajhas).

Here’s how the wellness guru stays well.

Best Glow

“I focus on healthy eating and hydration because beauty comes from the inside out. Another thing that’s crucial for me—and I wish I did it earlier in my life—is to wear sunscreen every day.” (Psst: Here are the best foods for glowing skin and shiny hair.)

Best Daily Practice

“I pick one self-care practice that feels right every day, whether it’s weightlifting or listening to an inspirational podcast. Not having any rigid rules takes a more compassionate, positive approach to healthy living.”

Best Detox

“A social media detox! It allows me to re-engage with my real life and free up some mental space.”

Best Exercise

“Tabata, with eight rounds of high-intensity interval training—20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Whether it’s with weights or just my own body weight, it works multiple muscle groups in a short amount of time. I try to do it four times a week.”

Best Indulgence

“Stale, rubbery gummy candy is still a guilty pleasure of mine.”

Now that you’ve learned tips from a wellness guru, here are more expert tips on how to be healthy AF.

Originally Published in Best Health Canada