5 Ideas for the Perfect Spa Day—Despite COVID-19

Relax, reset (and primp a little, too!) without ever leaving home.

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Thanks to a little thing known as the COVID-19 pandemic, the world looks pretty different these days—and that probably goes for your beauty routine, too. But just because your favourite salons and spas remain closed, or you don’t feel comfortable heading to your usual appointments, doesn’t mean you have to give up on looking and feeling your best.

It’s time to take a spa day at home and indulge in all the beauty rituals you might be missing—and stay safe every step of the way.

1. Dry brush all over.

Dry brushing, or body brushing, involves gently dragging a coarse-haired brush in upward strokes along the legs, booty, arms and back to exfoliate the skin and improve circulation. Some people also say it reduces cellulite (though there’s no research that supports this claim). Afterwards, rinse off—or shower/bathe as usual—and lather up with lotion.

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2. Bliss out with a face mask and hair mask—in the bath.

There’s nothing more indulgent than a long soak in the tub—maybe with a little bath oil or salts and a fragranced candle. Tack on a couple masks to make your hair and face baby soft and you’ve hit on a winning combo. Give yourself at least 15 minutes (depending on your products’ directions) to allow your masks to work their magic. And if you don’t have a bathtub, press play on your favourite chick flick and marinate on the couch.

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3. Wax on, wax off.

Tired of shaving? Try wax strips to remove hair from everywhere—including your legs, bikini and face. Veet Easy-Gel Wax Strips come in two different formulas: sensitive and dry skin. The gel technology will remove even short hair from the root for up to 28 days of smoothness. You won’t be able to stop touching yourself! (*Wink Wink*) Just make sure you read the product label before using Veet products.

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4. Put your gua sha or face roller to good use.

Boost circulation and reduce puffiness with a chilled jade face roller or ease tension in your neck and jaw with a gua sha tool. Just be sure to apply a face oil or cream with a little slip to reduce friction. You can even try a meditation—like envisioning the tension flowing out of your body like water—as you work.

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5. Round out your pampering sesh with essential oils and a beauty beverage.

While you enjoy your at-home spa day, light candles or top up your diffuser with essential oils—from invigorating citrus to calming lavender. You may even want to brew soothing peppermint tea or mix up a coffee or smoothie with collagen.

Want more info on Veet’s Easy-Gel Wax Strips or their full range of waxes, creams and devices to suit any need? Visit veet.ca.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada