Celebrate Fall with Wholesome Flavour and Comfort Foods

Fall flavours are something to look forward to each year. Here's how to amp up your favourite recipes.

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From apple and cranberry to pumpkin and sweet potato, there’s just something innately comforting about fall’s quintessential flavours

Celebrate the season of cozy by taking your fall faves to the next flavour level. Stonemill Bakehouse naturally fermented breads are the perfect pairing for all your fall recipes. Whether you’re whipping up a wholesome sandwich or a sweet and savoury French Toast, Stonemill’s naturally fermented bread is a healthy way to increase flavour. Made with unique and wholesome ingredients like spelt flour, whole grain rye flour, pumpkin seeds and cranberries, Stonemill Bakehouse has put the time into creating healthy, more flavourful bread.

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Utilizing a special slow fermentation process, Stonemill Bakehouse lets their dough rise naturally, for up to 12 hours. This allows the flavour and texture to develop more fully and naturally. The result? A delicious, more flavourful bread, made with no GMO ingredients, and no artificial preservatives, flavours, or colours.

Stonemill bread adds wholesome flavour to fall comfort foods. It’s your favourite flavours of fall, made even better! Celebrate the season with Stonemill Bakehouse naturally fermented bread. Visit stonemillbakehouse.com to find a store near you.