Smoothies, Simplified.

How I stock my freezer for smoothies in 5 mins or less.

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A case for smoothies

Smoothies are the best-ever mealtime solutions. There, we said it. Need a healthy way to kick off the day? Smoothies. A protein-packed post-workout snack? Smoothies. Lunch on the run? Smoothies! A light dinner when it’s late in the evening and you’re short on time? We see you, smoothies! They’re filling (but don’t feel heavy), portable (a busy gal’s dream), delicious (with flavours to tickle anyone’s tastebuds), and healthy (but we’ll get into that later). Best of all? Smoothies are super convenient.

…and they just became even more convenient, thanks to Evive’s blender-free smoothies.

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Smoothies in a flash

Forget the washing. Forget the chopping. Forget the worry of using up everything before it goes bad. Forget that awful sound ice makes in the blender. Forget realizing last minute that you’re missing that one key ingredient. Forget cleaning up the scraps, washing the blender, putting out the compost, and needing to do it all over again if someone wants seconds. Evive smoothies are ready in three steps: Pop the ready-to-go cubes from their package. For the liquid of choice, the smoothie cubes can be mixed with any liquids including milks, nut milks, water, coconut water, juice – anything!

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Frozen is the new fresh

Fun fact: Produce in grocery stores is typically picked before it’s even ripe, reducing its nutritive qualities (not to mention its flavour). Evive smoothie cubes, however, are made with organic frozen fruits and vegetables picked at their optimal ripeness and flash-frozen to lock all the goodness in. These smoothies are actually filled with more nutrients and flavour than you can make at home. And don’t worry: Their unique process to puree and flash-freeze still keeps their products preservative-free.

Find your flavour

With 15 unique flavours to choose from, Evive keeps smoothie time exciting. Looking for a taste of the tropics? Try Touk-Touk, made with mango, pineapple and coconut. Something the kids will love? Shock-blue Saphir always gets the emptied-glass of approval. A low-cal option? Yin, Viva, Azteque, Pure and Samourai are less than 150 calories per wheel. High protein? Go for Yogi, or an option from their Extra Protein Line, which has 15-plus grams of plant-based protein per wheel. Find what suits your style, and feel confident that everything you choose is vegan, plant-based, certified organic, GMO- and gluten-free, has no added sugar…and is totally delicious!

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Think beyond the smoothie

Impress friends at brunch with beautiful smoothie bowls – just mix with less liquid, and top artfully with fruits and berries. Or, serve up their dynamic delicious and nutritious soups. From chili in a jiffy to Thai-inspired red curry and super-comforting creamy squash, just pop out your serving size, pick your liquid, mix and heat – and make them more hardy with chopped toppers and sides. Who knew your freezer could keep breakfast, lunch and dinner healthy, delicious and convenient?

Where to find Evive

Keen to try? Evive is available in stores (check their website for retailers near you) and through online subscriptions (they deliver almost everywhere in Canada). When Best Health readers order online, they can get 30% off their first order plus two free wheels of best sellers Saphir and Viva! Just go to and use the code BESTHEALTH30 at checkout!

We can’t wait to hear if you love it as much as we do!

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