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4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy This Winter

Feeling tired? These tips will leave you energized and ready for the day.

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Winter tiredness: It’s a thing. As the weather gets cold and the daylight hours wane, you may feel the urge to hibernate. But just because you feel like burrowing under the covers until the spring, that doesn’t mean your schedule does. If you’re busier than ever this winter and want to feel healthy and energized every day, follow these tips to help you perform at your peak.

1. Make sleep hours sacred.

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It’s no surprise that getting quality sleep is crucial for boosting energy levels. The key word here? Quality. Spending 10 straight hours in bed won’t offer much benefit if you’re tossing and turning the whole time. To make the most of your sleeping hours, get into a routine and protect it like your life depended on it. Try to maintain a consistent bedtime and waking time each day, disconnect from devices (phones, tablets, and yes, TV too) at least 30 minutes before bed and ensure that your room is completely dark (or wear an eye mask).

2. Eat a nutritious diet—and supplement where necessary.

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If you find your energy lagging throughout the day, you may want to look at your eating habits. Are you eating a lot of processed foods that are high in sugar and fat? Are you restricting food intake during the day in an attempt to lose weight or binge snacking in the evening to make up for skipped meals? All of these habits can take a toll on your energy levels (as well as your immunity, digestion, sleep and almost everything else). Look to eat a variety of nutrient-dense whole foods at regular intervals throughout the day.

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You may also want to consider supplementing certain nutrients, like vitamin C, a potent antioxidant necessary for a functioning immune system, the growth and repair of body tissues and maintaining the integrity of bones, gums and teeth. Ester-C® Energy BoostTM contains a patented form of vitamin C, plus B vitamins (as deficiency can cause fatigue) and electrolytes like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium that are key for rehydration and energy production.

3. Watch what you drink.

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Stay hydrated! The brain is made up of 75 percent water and relies on H2O for the efficient transportation of nutrients needed for mental alertness. Even mild dehydration can impact cognition and mood, leaving you mentally and physically exhausted. Adults should aim for a minimum of two litres (or eight cups) of water each day—though the actual recommendation by The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is 3.7 litres of fluids for men and 2.7 litres of fluids for women.

You’d also do well to limit your alcohol intake when possible, as it can actually make daytime sleepiness worse.

4. Keep moving.

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It’s always smart to pay attention to your body and rest when you need it, but regular exercise can actually boost energy, not deplete it. Why? Because moving your body makes muscles stronger, improves endurance and circulation (to help oxygen and nutrients get to your muscles, organs and brain) and even enhances sleep quality. Almost all types of movement are good for the body and soul, from yoga to weightlifting, as long as they’re done safely and on a consistent basis. However, one of the best things you can do for your energy levels is engage in low- to moderate-intensity exercise like brisk walking or a bike ride each day.

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