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Why Stress Is the Surprising Culprit Drying Your Skin this Winter

Rehydrate dry, stressed skin with products that are right for you.

Image Credit: Sephora
Image Credit: Sephora

Stress is an inevitable part of adult life, and much like your boss and your taxes, you can’t avoid it. In some cases, stress can be positive and help keep us alert and motivated, ready to avoid a perceived threat or danger. This is the body’s “fight or flight” response which actually evolved as a survival mechanism.

It’s when stress is acute or chronic that it becomes harmful, causing physical and emotional effects. Unfortunately, chronic stress has become all too common these days. Nearly one-third of Canadians over the age of 15 report that most days are “quite a bit” or “extremely” stressful.

When it comes to your skin, any existing conditions you struggle with are exacerbated when you’re under stress. For example, if you’re prone to dryness, your skin will likely feel even more dehydrated and chapped.

You can’t eliminate stress from your life (wouldn’t that be nice!?), but you can mitigate its effects on your mind and body. When it comes to soothing tired, dehydrated skin, look for topical products at Sephora that deliver instant and long-lasting moisture.

Image Credit: Sephora
Image Credit: Sephora

Drunk Elephant F-Balm™ Electrolyte Waterfacial

This cooling overnight mask features an electrolyte cocktail of coconut water, sodium PCA, magnesium PCA and prickly pear extract to rehydrate hungover, overly-parched skin. Soothing fatty acids delivered via tiny beads that explode during application also play a vital role in maintaining hydration levels and improving skin texture and suppleness. Perfect for any skin type that’s experiencing dehydration, this mask also addresses dullness and uneven skin tone, as well as loss of firmness and elasticity.

Image Credit: Sephora
Image Credit: Sephora

Tatcha The Serum Stick

This go-anywhere stick is the perfect way to provide stressed-out skin with some much-needed hydration throughout the day. It’s packed with nourishing ingredients like squalane, a plant-derived natural moisturizing factor that mimics the form of squalane found naturally in the skin, and Japanese lemon balm, a calming cure with the nickname “caring for others.” Toss it in your bag to refresh makeup and moisturize dry skin wherever you happen to be.

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