The New Grocery Pet Food Vets Are Switching To

Meet NOOD, the pet food solution for Canadian pet owners, available at Walmart.

NOODPhoto Credit: NOOD

Throughout Covid-19 Canadians have turned to their four-legged friends for some much-needed support and companionship. With many pet shelters experiencing six times their annual adoption rates, an increasing population of Canadians are simultaneously adopting the pet parent lifestyle.

These new owners are not only experiencing the love, companionship and comfort their pet is introducing into their lives, but also the less pleasant accompanying high-expenses. Vet visits and vaccines, dog walkers and grooming all add up, and quick!

But the largest bill of all? Your pets’ food. Like all good parents, Canadians want to feed their pets a nutritious and complete diet. Unfortunately, the expensive price points associated with premium, high-quality pet food make it inaccessible for many owners.

Torn between wanting to ensure their pet has a nutritious diet and balancing their own expenses, many Canadian pet owners are put into a complex dilemma.

Alistair King, a young entrepreneur from New Zealand, felt the weight of this dilemma and decided to do something about it.

Enter NOOD: a veterinarian grade pet food, founded on one goal: To make premium, nutritious pet food more accessible and ensure no owners have to sacrifice quality to price. “We saw the benefits a premium, nutritious diet made in our own pets’ lives but also realized this wasn’t always affordable. We soon learned this is a common problem experienced by pet owners everywhere. That’s when NOOD was born, from wanting to make a next-level product accessible to everyone — and every pet!” says founder, Alistair King.

In a recent survey, 95 percent of Canadian pet owners said they consider their pets as a part of their family. Naturally, they want to ensure their family members are receiving the best quality food to lead a happy and healthy life.

Resonating with this ambition, NOOD developed a solution: Premium recipes which dog and cat owners can trust are nutritious, and also afford financially. “We are very excited to offer NOOD to Canadian pet owners and empower them to make both informed and affordable choices for their pets’ diet,” says King. “We’re particularly proud that our sustainably sourced real meat proteins come first on every NOOD ingredient list. Just like how we check the labels on the food we eat, NOOD wants to ensure pets have access to high-quality food as well.”

NOODPhoto Credit: NOOD

Sold online and in-store at all Canadian Walmarts, NOOD is available for both cats and dogs of all stages of life. Unlike many commercial pet foods sold at grocery store price points, NOOD’s recipes were developed alongside animal nutrition experts and veterinarians. Every ingredient is strategically included to ensure a complete and nutritious diet.

Wellness has always been top of mind for Canadians. With NOOD, Canadians can now continue extending this focus to their pets without a heavy financial burden. NOOD is about to become your pet’s new best friend — after you, of course.

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