This Canadian Designer Shares What Fuels Her Fitness Inspo

Transforming the workout wear scene back in 2010 by combining fashion with active lifestyle clothing, Michelle Watson is one of our faves in the biz.

Michelle Watson

Michelle Watson’s fitness inspo: A luxe activewear line that’ll keep you looking great

For Michelle Watson, the Canadian designer behind Michi, working out so often (from weight training to Afrobeats or dancehall dance classes) is what inspired her to design, well, more inspired attire. (“I got tired of wearing the same old yoga outfits!”).

Where her motivation comes from

A “win” mind-set she gained in her youth as a competitive skier, golfer and badminton player.

Her wellness wisdom:

Channelling strength

“Since I love dance or martial-arts-based workouts, fashion helps me get into character for each type of workout. For ballet barre, I want to channel my inner Misty Copeland, so I want to feel long, lean and graceful. If I’m boxing, I want to feel strong and fierce so my outfit reflects that. When I go for a run I like to imagine I’m Usain Bolt, Flo-Jo or Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, and I like wearing something like Michi’s stardust leggings; the outfit makes me feel like I’m embodying speed. Wearing fashion-forward workout wear is personal. It’s not to one up the others at the gym, it’s to feel empowered and confident, to give myself extra energy, and to get me into character for the workout.”

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Reflection deflection

“It’s a given that I will be sweaty in the gym, with soaking stringy hair and a red face, so I like to use mirrors for what they are intended for, to focus on technique rather than my skin tone or the shape of my butt. I believe in working out for health reasons, to become stronger, faster and better at whatever activity I’m focusing on.”

Success secret

“Set fitness-related workout goals rather than vanity goals. Don’t worry about losing weight and don’t focus on immediate results. Work out because it’s fun, it makes you feel good afterwards, it makes you feel strong, it gives you more energy and it is great for mental health and concentration.”

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada