Jennifer Garner’s Secret For Transforming From Single Mom to Superhero

Jennifer Garner’s body has always been killer, even all the way back from her Alias days. Find out how she’s prepping for a new hero role.

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Jennifer Garner is already a superhero in our eyes

Our #womancrush Jennifer Garner not only cares for three kids under 12 on her own (she divorced hubby Ben Affleck earlier this year), she’s also an activist, spokeswoman and actress, who regularly stars in action flicks.

The 45-year-old has taken a step back from the ass-kicking roles she’s known (and loved) for in recent years, but she’s ready to get back to it – she just has to prepare her body.

Jennifer Garner’s body prep for movies

Garner shared a sneak peek on Instagram this week, showing fans what it takes to get ready for a physically demanding role. While she did not reveal any specifics about her new gig, many are speculating that she’s preparing for Peppermint, a film that’s been described as a revenge thriller.

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According to Garner, the “Recipe for Turning a Mom Back Into Action Lady” includes a 60-minute Body by Simone class, 90 minutes of “Stunt Team” (whatever that means, but we’re guessing it’s physically gruelling and incredibly terrifying), 50 cups of coffee, and three minutes of cryotherapy.

For those who aren’t familiar, cryotherapy involves standing in a chamber that’s kept at an extremely cold temperature (usually somewhere between minus -110º C and minus -140º C), thanks to liquid nitrogen. It’s believed to help with muscle soreness and muscle recovery. In fact, it’s a favourite of many professional athletes and celebs.

Body by Simone workouts are also a go-to among the fittest stars in Hollywood. Models like Hilary Rhoda and Molly Simms swear by Simone De La Rue’s classes, along with superstars like Khloe Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Reese Witherspoon, Emily Blunt, Chrissy Teigen, and Taylor Swift.

De La Rue, a classically trained dancer, took her years of dance experience and applied her learnings to the fitness world, helping people maintain their health and lose weight (and apparently, get ready for badass action films).

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