‘It works for me!’ – April Kalloo

April Kalloo gets up at 3:30 a.m. every day. It may be early, but as the segment producer for Breakfast


April Kalloo gets up at 3:30 a.m. every day. It may be early, but as the segment producer for Breakfast Television in Toronto, she has to be up while everyone else slumbers. How does she handle her hectic schedule? Hint: Afternoon workouts and butter tarts are part of the equation.

Learn a little bit more about her in this month’s installment of ‘It works for me.’

10 words that describe you: Focused, grateful, emotional, energetic, determined, silly, motivated, sensitive (at times), excited, appreciative.

First paid job: Suzy Shier in the mall that was close to my house. I was 16.

Dream job: This may be obvious, but I have my dream job! I love working at Breakfast Television. And I feel extremely lucky and grateful to be part of such an amazing team. (If I could sing, my dream job would be to sell out stadiums worldwide.)

Favourite workout: The Insanity Workout. It’s motivating, not boring and it makes me sweat like I never have before. Results are also quick, and the amount of strength you get in just a few weeks is amazing.

Must-have workout gear:
Definitely my Shock Absorber sports bra. I can’t live without it. It provides ultimate support for running and intense cardio.

Diet: I eat a good carb before noon (like multigrain bread or flax bread with peanut butter). For lunch and dinner, I eat veggies and protein. And because I’ve eliminated dairy all together, I make sure to include broccoli and kale as much as I can to get calcium. I also always drink green tea or oolong tea and plenty of water throughout the day. Once a week, I indulge in something sweet.

Go-to healthy snack: Almonds. I always crave a snack midday, and a handful of almonds does the trick every time.

Favourite food indulgence:
Butter tarts’especially if they have pecans. They’re hard to resist!

Red or white wine? Red is my choice, but I don’t drink often. Only on weekends, and just a few glasses.

Indoor or outdoor workouts? Indoors when I do my cardio workouts. But as soon as the weather is nice, I’m outdoors. Nothing feels better than running outside.

Morning or evening workouts?
Because of my schedule, I have to work out in the afternoon’3 p.m., after I get home.

Celeb crush: Definitely Channing Tatum. I love his dance moves. (Who am I kidding? It’s the abs!)

Healthy living philosophy: Always stay focused. Eat healthy meals and snacks that you love. That’s the key.  Healthy can actually taste good!

Photo credit: mendesphotography.com