Crush Your Fitness Goals With the Help of Huawei Watch Fit

Part accountability coach, part personal cheerleader, this smartwatch is the workout partner you need.

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The most essential fitness equipment isn’t a treadmill or free weights, but rather, it can be found right on your wrist. Smartwatches have surpassed standard fitness trackers as the must-have athletic accessory, and for good reason. In addition to the proven motivation a wearable provides, a smartwatch has the added benefit of constant connectivity and looks great whatever you’re wearing it with.

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If you’re looking to level up your fitness routine, here’s why the Huawei Watch Fit is the smart workout partner you need.

It’ll help you stay motivated

Part accountability coach, part personal cheerleader, think of your smartwatch as the small but mighty motivator that sits on your wrist. Get real-time feedback in the form of daily steps and calories burned, and gain motivation as you see your progress over time.

With 96 workout modes, there is something for everyone. However you like to break a sweat (running, biking, downward dog), Watch Fit will keep track of real-time stats like heart rate, calories, SpO2 and duration of a workout. After you finish, you can see detailed metrics, professional analysis and scientific guidance in Huawei Health App.

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Make every workout count.

How many times have you forgotten to start a workout on your fitness tracker? With the Watch Fit, you won’t have to worry. Huawei Watch Fit is able to detect the start of a workout and will begin tracking the exact metrics you need. Built-in GPS helps you train better by providing real-time metrics like cadence, distance and more.

Short on time? Aren’t we all! Choose one of the 3-15 minute exercises to stay active anytime and anywhere. Plus, each exercise will be demonstrated by an animated personal trainer on the Watch Fit’s screen. It’s like a personal trainer on your wrist! Pair your Watch Fit with Huawei’s FreeBuds Pro to follow along with audio prompts and block out ambient noise around you. Thanks to Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology, the FreeBuds Pro will recognize ambient sounds intelligently and switch to noise cancellation mode accordingly, so you can focus on your workout.

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See the full picture when it comes to your health.

Health is about so much more than diet and exercise. These days, sleep and stress levels can play just as important of a role. And, as every athlete knows, real recovery happens at night. Make sure you’re getting the rest you need to hit the ground running day after day. Huawei TruSleep 2.0 sleep tracking technology will record and analyze your sleep, letting you know how long you spent in each sleep state (light, deep and REM).

Huawei TruRelax technology uses an algorithm to monitor your stress levels throughout the day so you can gain insight into what’s making you tick and where you can improve. Follow along with deep breathing prompts on the Watch Fit to release tension and reduce stress.

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You’ll actually want to wear it.

When it comes to creating fitness habits that last, there are two factors that can make all the difference: efficacy and enjoyment. Your workout needs to be effective and you also need to enjoy it— or else you just won’t stick with it. The same can be said about your smartwatch: it has to work well, and you have to love wearing it (read: it needs to look great).

Huawei Watch Fit features a 1.64″ rectangle AMOLED display for an incredible viewing experience. Auto-brightness adjustment means better viewing in sunlight, and the always-on watch face can be customized and changed as often as your mood.

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The thin and light design makes it incredibly comfortable to wear all day and night. Plus, it has a battery that can actually keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle (up to 10 days!). Need a charge in a pinch? The watch can support a whole day with just a 5-minute charge.

With full connectivity for text, calls, calendar events and other app notifications, the Watch Fit ensures you never miss a minute of life.

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