Health challenge week 4

Check out Jenn’s Week 4 challenge to the fitness group, plus see how she’s progressing

Health challenge week 4

Source: Web exclusive: March 2008

The following is an excerpt from Jennifer Nachshen’s Health Challenge:

Hey everyone! We are halfway through the challenge so, time for a good evaluation of where you are at vs. where you expected to be. I’ve heard from some people that the motivation is slowing down (and, when I say "some people" I mean "me"), so let’s think about what we need to do to kick it back into high gear!

Week 4 Questions:

1. Evaluate your progress according to your standards and your initial goals. What went well? What did not?

So, this week was no good. I spent last weekend eating (2 restaurant meals, a brunch with a cupcake tree, bookclubliciousness). I kept eating my veggies, but I went back to some late night boredom eating. My social calendar was full, so I only made it to yoga on Saturday and Tuesday. Dance class was great and I feel motivated about that. I have to just roll with the punches and move on. I have to figure out how I can get back on track for next week. Dragon boat starts on Monday and dance classes start on Tuesday. Move more, eat less, as they say.

However, a few people have been telling me that my body is looking better. So, maybe I am changing composition from the yoga. Focus on the positives!

2. How did you do on the mini-challenge? Did you notice when you were negative? Did you focus on the positives?

I added this one because it’s something I’ve been working on for a while, particularly in regard to being single. I just don’t let my brain go to the sad bad thoughts. When they start going there, I distract myself or do something else. I’ve been feeling really good about myself lately, and I would like my body confidence to start catching up. I think that it’s getting there and, although I know that I can’t just depend on losing weight to do it.

3. At this halfway marker, do you need to change or add any goals?

I think I do need to alter my alcohol intake. Not that I’m a big drunk, but the calories add up and it does affect my ability to participate in athletic activities. I had a big drunk last night (hence the late email) so I’m going to try to keep my alcohol intake at low to moderate for the rest of the challenge. Maybe at the high end of moderate for Denim and Diamonds tomorrow…I am bad at this!

Week 4 Mini Challenges:

Challenge 1: The superfoods challenge. My SELF magazine included a list of superfoods.
1. wild salmon
2. broccoli
3. spinach
4. Swiss chard
5. legumes
6. skim milk
7. soybeans
8. berries
9. wheat germ
10. turkey breast

How many of these do you eat in a week? Can you increase your intake of these superfoods? Can you explain to me what Swiss chard is and how I can prepare it?

Challenge 2: You’ve made it halfway through, so reward yourself. Here’s the catch…the reward has to be directly related to your goals or to the changes you have made during this challenge.

Look forward to hearing from you all!


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