Halle Berry is Launching a Wellness Site to Rival Gwyneth’s Goop

You’ll now have the scoop on all of her secrets.

Halle Berry launches wellness site Hallewoodphoto credit: shutterstock

From beloved actress to health and wellness whiz, Halle Berry has officially launched her new wellness site.

This past year we’ve followed Halle Berry through her wellness journey that she’s shared via Instagram, which featured a weekly #FitnessFridayHB tip with her followers. But with her new site, Hallewood launching soon, she will now be sharing the inner layers of her life covering topics like beauty, consciousness, style, family, and health and fitness. According to the site, it’s a place where fans can stay connected through curated content designed just for them.

And while many other actresses have launched wellness sites (think: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop site), there’s something different about Halle Berry. Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve watched her for decades at the theatres or that at the age of 51 she is simply ageless and has the body of a goddess. Whatever it is, one thing is certain: we want to know all of her secrets STAT.

Check out Halle Berry’s 6 tips for getting in the best shape of your life.

From meditation to motivational reads (#HBBooksFromBed) to fitness tips, Halle Berry has us curious about her life now more than ever before. So, to get you familiar with her wellness world (if you aren’t already), here are a few of our favourite fitness tips from her Insta.

Fitness tip #1: Importance of stretching


Fitness tip #2: Dedication to staying focused


Fitness tip #3: Always remember the chest muscles


Find out why Halle Berry goes back to the basics when it comes to her workout routine.

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