4 online tools to help you organize your life

Losing control? Take charge with these online tools that really will make things easier

4 online tools to help you organize your life

Source: Web exclusive: November 2008

For many, too much time spent online means a chaotic life away from the computer. But with a growing number of web tools designed to help us keep our days in order, it’s becoming easier to organize our lives online. Here are a few tools we use to do just that.

1. Google Maps

Not sure how to get from the office to that new bistro across town for an after-work rendezvous? Google Maps gives you directions, street by street, and tells you how long the trip will take. And it allows the confused’or the curious’to zoom in for a street-level view of a growing number of locales.

2. Zenbe Lists

On the move, it’s hard to keep track of lists’shopping lists, to-do lists’much less update them. Zenbe Lists, however, lets iPhone users do all that’and synchronize those lists with other people.

3. Online banking

Although every major bank lets you pay bills and transfer funds online, many of us continue to brave long lines to do so through tellers or ATMs. But if you can pay your cell bill with a few clicks of your mouse, why bother?

4. Google Calendar

With Google Calendar, you can schedule tasks and update them throughout the day. You can access your calendar from any computer with an Internet connection, and invite others to view it, too.

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