Help Support Your Immune System, Baby!

Your immune system’s accessory? Emergen-C Immune+ Powders

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’Tis the season for Emergen-C Immune+

Winter is coming, and you know what that means: The cold season is upon us. That means we all have to put in a little extra effort to support our immune systems and stay healthy and resilient throughout the season to make the most of all that skating and skiing…okay, and movie watching!

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Introducing the many benefits of
Emergen-C Immune+ Powders

One small sachet of Emergen-C Immune+ contains essential nutrients that may help prevent colds or reduce the duration and severity of them*. Fighting an unwanted cold? These sachets contain the vitamins and minerals you need– we’re talking, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc!!

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But don’t forget about the original formulations!

With 1,000mg of vitamin C, which is more vitamin C than 10 oranges, plus B vitamins, and electrolytes, Emergen-C is your immunity sidekick. Not a fan of oranges? No problem. It comes in nine different flavours, including Lemon-Lime, Pink Lemonade, Tropical, and more.

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Shake up your wellness regime…literally!

When you wake up in the morning, shake some immune supporting benefits into your water. Or, put an Emergen-C sachet in your pocket, and enjoy on your midday break. Either way, shake, shake, shake some vitamin-packed flavour into your day and prioritize your immune system this season to help you stay healthy to do those other healthy habits: be active, eat well, drink lots of water, and practice mindfulness. Let’s all cheers to a healthy winter!

*May help reduce the duration and severity of colds when taken regularly. May help prevent colds in those undergoing physical stress.

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