Summer Cleaning Hacks

22 dusty places you probably missed.

In case you missed it this spring, here’s your summer reminder: It’s time for a thorough cleaning. These unexpected, commonly missed or hard-to-reach cleaning areas of your home are in need of attention. The key is to clean smarter not harder, so you can spend more of your precious summer relaxing or hanging out with family and friends.

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The Top Tool of Choice

Our go-to cleaning tool for this job is the Swiffer Dusters Heavy Duty Super Extender. Now you can Swiffer where you couldn’t Swiffer before. The Dusters Extender extends up to 6 feet — meaning you can take your cleaning game to new heights and never leave dust or cobwebs lingering again!

With coated fibres to grab onto dust and to trap and lock from every direction, the Dusters Extender actually removes dust and allergens* instead of moving it around. It has an ergonomic handle and 4 lockable positions on its pivoting swivel head for cleaning those out-of-reach places. So save time for what really matters: enjoying the summer!

Photo Credit: Shutterstock
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Often Overlooked Dusting Zones

Look up, look down, look under and look behind. These are the overlooked places dust is lurking.

1. Ceiling
2. Wall corners
3. Ceiling fan
4. Top of light fixtures
5. Tops of artwork, hanging picture frames and mirrors
6. Above window and door frames
7. Blinds
8. Chair rails
9. Wainscoting
10. Baseboards
11. Top of appliances (fridge, stove, washer, dryer)
12. Underneath appliances
13. Tops of cabinets and shelves
14. Under beds
15. Behind beds
16. Inside closets
17. Behind chest of drawers
18. Underneath chest of drawers
19. Top of TV
20. Behind TV
21. Under couch
22. Behind couch

Photo Credit: Shutterstock
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Motivation to Clean and Redecorate

Does cleaning feel like a daunting task? Find motivation from this mom’s spring clean. And when your home has been thoroughly Swiffered, maybe it’s time to give your home a splash of summer with an outdoor-inspired makeover and these design ideas.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Even More Ways to Swiffer

Find many more Swiffer cleaning tips at

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