Breast cancer: What you should know, and how you can help

Breast cancer touches the lives of so many people. Find out more about this disease in our special breast cancer section, plus learn how you can contribute to beating breast cancer

Breast cancer: What you should know, and how you can help

Source: Web exclusive: September 2008

What did you do for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?
Share your stories and photos in our forums’or let us know about your breast cancer fatigue.

Run for the Cure: Meet our runners
On October 5, 2008, Best Health and Reader’s Digest joined the CIBC Run for the Cure. Find out more about our runners and how you can participate, too.

The 5 deadliest cancers for women
We are at war with cancer every day, and it’s often an uphill battle. The good news is that more battles are being won. But we need to be aware of which types of cancer hit women hardest, and what is being done to fight them.

3 new ways to fight breast cancer
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but great new initiatives aimed at increasing our knowledge and supporting women with breast cancer are rolling out all year’right across Canada. Here are just three, of many, that are worth checking out.

Pink ribbon beauty
Find out about the pink-ribbon beauty products that are raising money for breast cancer support and research.

Breast Cancer Blog: Jordan’s story
Jordan is a breast cancer survivor from Calgary who’s putting her life back together post-treatment. Read her blog to get the inside scoop on life after breast cancer, from finding the right bra to finding a purpose.

Breast cancer: What is DCIS and how is it treated?
Find out about this common form of breast cancer and why you shouldn’t panic about a diagnosis.

A-Z Health Index: Breast cancer
Get an overview of the basic facts about breast cancer.

Foods that fight cancer
A study from the British Journal of Cancer provides more evidence that following certain dietary principles’the traditional Mediterranean diet, in their study’can significantly decrease cancer rates.

Exercise helps prevent breast cancer
Here’s another reason to get active’as if we really needed more. A review of research found that physically active women are 25 percent less likely to get breast cancer, with certain groups more likely to see benefits than others.

An egg a day may help keep breast cancer away
An essential nutrient in eggs can cut your risk of breast cancer by 24 percent, found a study set to be published in the FASEB Journal in June.

10 ways to cut your cancer risk
Some easy lifestyle changes that will reduce your risk of getting cancer.

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