Bonnie on a Bike: Training for a 100-k Cycling Challenge

Best Health’s Editor-in-Chief, Bonnie Munday, is training for a 100-k charity cycling challenge. Follow along with her as she blogs about her training

Bonnie on a Bike: Training for a 100-k Cycling Challenge

Countdown: 82 days to go

Back in December, I got on a bicycle for the first time in many years. I was in California to interview Canadian Olympian Clara Hughes as she trained with her cycling team sponsored by Specialized Bikes and Lululemon…..

Countdown: 76 days to go

Since that first ride home on my Specilized bike from Gears bike shop in Port Credit’21k to my home in Toronto’I’ve clocked about 95k of riding over a couple of weeks….

Countdown: 68 days to go

The last time I blogged about my upcoming 100-k charity bike ride for Ride For Karen, I mentioned that I had gone for my first training trip with Kris Tobias, one of the founding brothers of the event that raises money to send kids with cancer to camp….

Countdown: 61 days to go

The Ride For Karen is now about 9 weeks away. I’ve been clocking up the kilometres, and the last time I blogged I described what was then my longest ride so far: 38km from my home in Toronto to downtown Oakville. My next plan was to double that by going to Oakville’then turning around and riding back to Toronto….

Countdown: 54 days to go

Last weekend, to beat the heat, my husband and I headed up to Canisbay Lake in Algonquin Park for a bit of camping. I put the bike in our truck, hoping to get some practice in on the rolling roads up in that part of Ontario….

Countdown: 45 days to go

Up to now, my training for Ride For Karen, taking place on September 9, has been mainly along the waterfront westward from Toronto. Recently, I’ve been going east…

Countdown: 31 days to go

I’ve been working on my speed. I will be embarrassed if I have to spend more than 5 hours doing the 100-kilometre Ride For Karen on September 9…

Countdown: 18 days to go

Oh my gosh: Less than three weeks to go now until Ride For Karen on September 9! Since I last blogged, about having done a 90-k training ride on a relatively flat route, I have now experienced cycling on part of the actual Ride For Karen route, which is in the somewhat hilly countryside north of Toronto…

Completing a 100-k cycling challenge

My summer spent training for a 100 km charity cycling challenge has made 2012 unforgettable…

If you want to sponsor Bonnie Munday for Ride For Karen, go to, click ‘Donate’ and look up her name.