Early Infection Treatment is the Answer to the Common Cold We’ve Been Waiting For

The early bird doesn’t catch the cold.

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Image Credit: Freepik

Winter is a magical time of year – chunky knits, crackling fireplaces, pristine snow, gingerbread everything (absolutely E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G), hot cocoa… the list could seriously go on and on. As wonderful as winter is, it also marks the peak of cold season – and not the type that you need to salt your driveway for.

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Sometimes it can feel like everyone is sick. On transit, at school – and especially at the office. The coughing, sneezing and congestion can seriously ruin your enjoyment of the season. In fact, the average adult has 4-6 colds each year and kids can have even more! Colds can leave you feeling run down, and account for 40 per cent of all unplanned time off work and 30 percent of school absences in Canada. Winter is beautiful, so don’t let the season pass you by when you are stuck at home nursing a cold!

When you are shopping for cold treatments at your local pharmacy it can be hard to know which products are effective. The cough and cold aisle may be the most confusing part of the drug store. There are so many products with so many minor differences – cold and flu, cold and sinus, decongestant, non-drowsy, daytime, the list goes on and on. And trying to figure out what you need when you are battling a raging head cold can be overwhelming.

Luckily, a new cold treatment from BETADINE® launched this year – right in time for cold season – which may just be the treatment for the common cold we have been waiting for.

Spoiler alert: Don’t go through cold season without it.

Leading cold expert, Professor Ronald Eccles, former Director at the Common Cold Centre, Cardiff University, and current Professor Emeritus in the School of Biosciences at Cardiff University shares why early infection treatment should be part of everyone’s cold season survival arsenal.

What is Early Infection Treatment?

Early infection treatment is a huge step forward in how to treat colds. Instead of picking up throat lozenges, chicken soup and medicines to help you get through your cold symptoms, early infection treatment products are designed to be used the moment you first feel cold symptoms to directly target the viruses that cause colds.

“Many cough and cold products on the market focus on symptom management to get you through the one to two-week duration of the average cold,” says Professor Eccles. “Early infection treatment products are a key innovation in cold treatment: addressing viruses at the earliest sign, preventing the spread of the cold and helping to speed up recovery.”

Looking to try out an early infection treatment product? Professor Eccles recommends BETADINE® COLD DEFENCE™ Nasal Spray, which is clinically proven to help reduce the length of a cold and prevent viruses from spreading and multiplying by trapping, disabling and reducing the number of cold viruses in the nose.

There a few key factors that make COLD DEFENCE™ a winner– it is antibiotic-free, and it traps cold viruses, so if one person in the house is sick, you can help prevent everyone from catching the same bug. For parents with young children this is a game changer – no more spending the whole season passing cold viruses back and forth! And speaking of young children, another reason BETADINE® is a must for cold season is that it is safe for use by children ages 4 and up, and ages 1-4 with the recommendation of a health care practitioner.

“By blocking the viruses that cause the common cold, BETADINE® COLD DEFENCE™ Nasal Spray is able to reduce the length and severity of colds and manage cold symptoms,” says Professor Eccles. “Addressing viruses at the earliest sign is essential for quick recovery and has the added benefit of preventing the spread of the cold, keeping all those around you healthy throughout cough and cold season.”

Feel Better, Faster

The myth that you have to endure a cold and “wait it out” has officially been busted. With early infection treatments like BETADINE® there’s no need to suffer through a cold. Next time you are shopping the cough and cold aisle, look out for early infection treatment products – and stop those symptoms in their tracks so you can get back to feeling your best and enjoying the best of the season!

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