How to Stock Your Medicine Cabinet for Back to Class Success

Eleven vitamins and supplements that’ll bring out your best when you’re back in school

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Back to school, back to routine, back to demanding days, exhausting evenings, and making every hour count from Monday to Friday and beyond. Among all that hard work, it’s easy to ignore the most important thing: your own wellbeing. Support your cognitive and physical health with vitamins and supplements so you can apply your best self to everything you have going on this year. After all, come back to school time, we can use all the support we can get, right?

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Get super-focused

Mental fatigue and brain fog, begone! Bring your A-game to class this year with AOR’s SuperFocus, which combines activated B vitamins and botanical extracts like rhodiola, bacopa and panax ginseng to increase blood flow to the brain and enhance concentration and alertness. By balancing caffeine from green tea with the calming L-theanine, this pill delivers energy without a case of the jitters. It will help you focus with mental acuity through all the noise and stress that comes with juggling classes and other demands.

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Keep bad breath at bay

A healthy microbiome offers a bevvy of bodily benefits, mouth to stomach to bladder and beyond, but this little lozenge is built to help where it counts at school: fighting bad breath (a.k.a. making and keeping friends). With one billion CFU (colony forming units), AOR’s Fresh Biotics pack a serious probiotic punch that helps treat halitosis. By supporting the overall health of your oral microbiota, this mint-flavoured lozenge helps treat the bad bacteria that cause chronic bad breath. (But don’t neglect brushing, flossing, and cleaning that tongue regularly, too).

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Be presentation pro

Suffer from anxiety? Nervousness? Restlessness? It happens to the best of us – especially during stress-inducing tests, presentations, term papers, and group projects. (Let’s face it: When aren’t we stressed at school?). Luckily AOR’s Zen Theanine is available to help keep your inner Nervous Nelly at bay. These capsules contain a unique amino acid that can actually alter brain wave activity to influence your brain’s levels of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which ultimately calms nerves, balances mood, boosts brain activity, and promotes relaxed alertness without any drowsiness.

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Support your eyesight

Eyes aching from staring at that computer screen? AOR’s Vision Support II has got you. With its combination of nutrients that support eye health and fight age-related macular degeneration – namely, lutein, zeaxanthin and benfotiamine – this little pill packs a lot of power when it comes to protecting your eyes against damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and your computer’s blue light. Plus, the oil-based delivery system ensures maximum absorption, so your body can make the most of everything the pill offers.

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Mitigate those migraines

Don’t let migraines get in the way of attendance, studying or even straight As. If you’re among the three million Canadians who suffer from those debilitating headaches, take preventative measures with AOR’s Migraine Manager, which, when taken daily, promote a multifaceted approach to pain and prevention, reducing inflammation, increasing circulation to the brain, and relaxing head and neck muscles.

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Assuage your stress

A powerful ayurvedic medicine, Ashwagandha is an adaptogen revered for treating the common symptoms of stress (such as fatigue, sleeplessness, irritability, and inability to concentrate) and reducing cortisol and C-reactive protein levels, the biomarkers of physical stress. This is your partner in staying level-headed throughout school’s most trying times and, as an added bonus, it’s an excellent source of antioxidants.

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Sleep soundly

School stress can lead to racing thoughts and insufficient sleep, and insufficient sleep can lead to obesity, depression, irritability, diabetes and more. Enter AOR’s Melatonin DualCap. By triggering the hormone that tells you it’s time to sleep, this sleep aid helps you fall asleep fast. Designed with a sustained release, it helps you stay asleep. And being a natural antioxidant and hormone, it avoids that groggy feeling associated with other over-the-counter medications. So, fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

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Combat chronic fatigue

It’s complicated, but sometimes chronic fatigue can end up paralyzing your body’s ability to get a good night’s rest and full recovery from daily wear and tear. AOR’s Magnesium Potassium Aspartates can help. Aspartates are naturally occurring amino acids that, in conjunction with magnesium, help produce energy, while potassium supports your neurochemical brain function. In short, these essentials will increase your strength and energy while targeting the symptoms of chronic fatigue.

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Strengthen your immune system

Cherry-flavoured, fizzy, and free of sugar, artificial flavours, colours and chemicals: AOR’s LavaRox™ seems too good to be true for a healthful essential, but these candy-like granules are full of probiotics that promote a healthy microbiome and boost your immune system to ward off colds and flus. The sparkling great taste is a total bonus!

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Be extra booksmart

School can be high-stress for students, who often have to multitask to get the job done. Pulling all-nighters? Balancing studying with work? AOR’s L-Tyrosine should be your new go-to. It’s a precursor to neurotransmitters like dopamine and epinephrine, which can enhance your mood and cognitive function while multitasking, boost your alertness when your sleep is falling short, and support your performance during prolonged high-stress periods.

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Feel winter wonderful

Since, come winter, we Canadians are so sun-deprived, avoid vitamin D deficiency – which is linked to seasonal affective disorder, osteoporosis, diabetes and much more – by taking AOR’s ultra-absorbable Vitamin D-3 Liquid, which aids in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous and, ultimately, boosts immunity to help you thrive throughout Canada’s shortest days and longest season.

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