8 ways to avoid outdoor allergens

Don’t let your allergies keep you cooped up in the house. Use these tricks to enjoy the spring air while keeping your allergies at bay

8 ways to avoid outdoor allergens

Source: Walk It Off (Reader’s Digest Canada), Spring 2011

1. Schedule your walk based on the day’s pollen counts.

2. Breathe through your nose; your nasal passages help to filter out allergens.

3. Walk on paved roads rather than on trails or through parks.

4. Wear sunglasses to help block airborne allergens.

5. Keep your pace steady, and don’t overexert to the point that you need to breathe heavily.

6. Keep antihistamines on hand, and take a dose at the first sign of sniffles.

7. Shower and wash your hair after you walk to remove allergens from your body.

8. Put dirty exercise clothes in a laundry area separate from open living areas.

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