4 Best Natural Solutions for Painful, Unsightly Varicose Veins

Banish bulging, twisted varicose veins—the natural way—and show off the best legs of your life.

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In a season that’s synonymous with swishing skirts and bare gams, nothing kills summer excitement quite like the pain of enlarged varicose veins. Not only are the bulging purple cords a cosmetic issue that many women strive to conceal, but they can also cause agonizing discomfort—from burning and itching to muscle cramping and swelling. Thankfully, natural solutions exist that can have your legs looking and feeling healthy, strong and ready for summer.

Step 1. Supplement
Start taking herbal supplement CircuVein® twice daily with meals to strengthen your blood vessels and support healthy circulation. The formula contains diosmin and hesperidin—two bioflavonoids sourced from Spanish oranges—and is clinically proven to reduce inflammation, alleviate swelling and provide antioxidant support. Plus it’s safe for those who follow a vegetarian, gluten-free or dairy-free diet.

Step 2. Compress
Bring compression stockings into regular rotation because they squeeze the leg muscles to increase circulation when worn throughout the day. That said, not all tight garments are created equal. Ditch any item that cuts off blood flow (think too-small underwear and skinny jeans) in favour of soft, drapey pants, skirts and dresses.

Step 3. Exercise
Get moving! Exercise can help improve the look and feel of your veins on three different fronts: 1) it can help with weight management, and excess weight can be a risk factor for varicose veins, 2) movement increases circulation, so your blood won’t be as likely to collect in your veins and 3) stronger leg muscles help your blood keep moving even when you’re in a relaxed state.

Step 4. Elevate
Too much time in one position—whether standing, walking or even sitting for hours at a desk—can cause cramping, itching, throbbing or a heavy feeling in the legs of any woman who suffers from varicose veins. When you can, elevate your legs to relieve the pressure in your lower body.

Now it’s time to put these natural solutions into action. Summer is coming—will you be ready?

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